Neha Dhupia To Weight Watchers, ‘I Don’t Think I Need To Explain Anything To Anyone’

Neha Dhupia, who became a mother for the second time last year, revealed that she is often trolled for not losing weight after delivering a baby. In a recent interview, Dhupia talked openly about her relationship with her body.

Dhupia said, “It is constantly changing. When I first started out, I had different preferences for my body, and after I began acting in movies, it became more important for me to stay in shape and look good on camera. Now, I’ve had experience acting in roles while eight months pregnant… Nothing is more exposed than that.”

After giving birth, the actor believes her body has changed, and rather than focusing on its imperfections, she wants to accept this change. She admitted, “After giving birth the first time, I did gain a lot of weight and then lose it. I gained weight a second time as well, but now I’m working on it.”

The actor responded when asked if she had ever felt uncomfortable about her appearance, “Maybe during my postpartum phase, maybe with my first shot, but then how can I hate this body? I now have two amazing humans. It took me a very long time to accept and respect it. I’m now working out and trying to get my body back to looking a specific way. I am currently in that stage after delivering a baby.”

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Neha Dhupia To Weight Watchers:

She continued, “People are always going to have an opinion about me. But even if someone else believes my body isn’t a certain size, I won’t become upset with it. I don’t think I need to explain anything to anyone; I know my reason for being this size better than anyone.”

She added, “This body not only made me a beauty queen, but it also made me a mother. I have to love both sides.”  Dhupia, who most recently appeared in A Thursday as the pregnant woman cop, stated, “I’m not here to do anything except establish realistic standards for myself and for everyone else.”