Actor Nayanthara Launches Skincare Brand, Redditors Call Her Out

Actor Nayanthara who has recently debuted both in Bollywood and on Instagram, has now received some backlash from Redditors upon launching her skincare brand.

Pavi Vyas
15 Sep 2023 Updated On Sep 16, 2023 17:45 IST
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Amid the wild success of Nayanthara's much-awaited Bollywood debut film Jawan, the actor announced her skincare line 9SKINOfficial on September 14 which will start rolling out products from September 29. Many compared it with her co-star Deepika Padukone's vegan skincare brand 82°E while others have mixed views. 

Nayanthara announced her brand launch on Instagram. 

Redditors Call Out Actor

Talking about the brand, the actor said that the brand will be using 'clean products' that will aim to give 'healthier glowing skin.' The actor gave the hint of launching something related to self-love five days before launching the brand, she announced the brand on September 14 and soon her fans and many content creators flooded the comments. 


But Redditors had some other opinions and were quick to respond to the announcement. Many questioned the trend of every celebrity diving into their skincare brand after promoting many other beauty products and providing authenticity to several brands with their body, skin, hair, etc. Several other Redditors compared the brand to Deepika Padukone's skincare brand 89°E which called itself an "India-inspired" skincare brand. 

Nayanthara has launched 9Skin

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Some Redditors also pointed out the marketing tactics saying "Great timing by the marketing team of the brand" referring to the utilisation of the success of the box office blockbuster Jawan. One other user commented how every celebrity is getting their skincare brand while they get Botox and want to spoil people's skin with their products

Another user added that the skincare business among celebrities has now become saturated highlighting how Nayanthara's business launch is 3rd or 4th celebrity launching their skincare brand. The user claimed that Nayanthara's brand won't work as it looks basic. It looks similar to Deepika's brand which was launched last year but isn't doing very well either. The user appreciated Katrina's, Kay Beauty and its promotion which was launched in 2019. Kay Beauty is a makeup brand and not a skincare brand. 

Every Actor Has Their Own Brand


We are living in times when almost every female star is launching her skincare brand be it Kylie Skin by one of the Kardashian sisters in Hollywood to 82°E by Deepika Padukone in Bollywood. And with Nayanthara launching her own skincare brand the south industry is not sitting behind either.

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and skincare, celebrities have become more than just the faces of products; they've become creators and entrepreneurs, lending their names and personal philosophies to their very own skincare brands. Recently Kriti Sanon plunged into the game by launching her skincare brand Hyphen. 

Earlier, Iron Man fame Gwyneth Paltrow launched 'Goop Beauty' while Jennifer launched 'LolaVie,' a haircare brand that focuses on natural and eco-friendly ingredients. These actors have leveraged their fame and personal interests to create skincare brands that often prioritize clean, sustainable, and effective products for their consumers.

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