Waiting For ‘Money Heist Korea’ Release? Here’s What You Should Know

Money Heist Korea Release Schedule
Money Heist Korea is one of the biggest and much-anticipated adaptations coming on Netflix this year. After the massive success of the Spanish original, the OTT platform is hopeful of the new version with a Korean cast.

Money Heist Korea – Joint Economic Area is finally coming out after much wait. The series is the dream crossover of all the Money Heist and K-drama fans as they get to see their favourite and iconic characters from the Spanish thriller being played by these charming Korean actors. The series will be both, a remake and a spin-off, set in the backdrop of the Joint Economic Area of South Korea. The series is penned by Ryu Yong-Jae and a directorial work of Kim Hong-Sun.

Money Heist Korea Release

The plot is similar to the original Spanish Netflix series, a strategist mastermind Professor in South Korea gets inspired by the big-money heist that took place in Spain and devises a plan to pull off a similar heist on the Korean peninsula. The iconic role of the Professor will be played by 46 years old Korean actor Yoo Ji-Tae. Actors Kim Yun-Jin and Kim Sung-Oh play the role of the Task Force team while Park Myung-Hoon and Lee Joo-Bin play hostages in the series.

The other cast members include Jeon Jong-Seo, Park Hae-Soo, Lee Won-Jong, Kim Ji-Hoon, Jang Yoon-Ju, Lee Hyun-Woo and Kim Ji-Hun and Lee Kyu-Ho in the roles of Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Denver, Nairobi, Rio, Helsinki and Oslo. The series is a BH Entertainment and Zium Content production. The plan this time is to assemble a bunch of skilled thieves and take hostages at Korea Unified Mint to steal a whopping 4 trillion Won. The iconic Salvador Dali masks will be replaced by traditional Korean masks called Hahoe masks in the series.

The trailer that was released recently showed a glimpse of a possible North and South Korean unification angle and agents from both regions will be seen working jointly to save the hostages. The series has 12 episodes that are about one hour long each. The series will start streaming on Netflix on June 24, 2022.

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