Viral: Meet The Woman Who Took Up Milind Soman’s Pushup Challenge In A Saree. And Nailed It

milind soman on saree pushups

Milind Soman on saree pushups: The actor-model, with his fitness enthusiasm and what seems like an impossibly healthy physique at 50, is known for consistently stumping audiences. But when a woman in Raipur got on the ground to do pushups in her saree, all for a selfie with him, it was Soman’s turn to be floored.

A video of the woman he shared on his Instagram account Thursday has turned out to be the weekend motivation netizens needed for sweating it out in lockdown. With over 40,000 views, the saree pushups woman has gone viral and earned endless applause online.

The Bajirao Mastani actor says he poses a challenge to fans who approach him for selfies. A photo in exchange for their fitness. He recalls this woman in a saree being “one of his favourites” to have attempted his challenge. 

“I was in a small street market, i think it was in Raipur, eating some local yum stuff, and this lady asked for a selfie. As soon as I said 10 pushups she was on the ground and started even before I switched on the camera !!” he wrote.

See his post here: 

milind soman on saree pushups

Source: Milind Soman, Instagram

Milind Soman On Saree Pushups Says: No Excuses At All

“No problem with saree, no problem with people around, no problem with never having done pushups ever, no excuses at all 🙂 Sometimes, all the fitness you need, to be able to live a better life, or get the things you want, is the ability to say YES, I CAN DO THIS,” he adds motivating followers towards their health goals.

Soman’s wife and fellow fitness guru echoed his words in the comments, saying, “The battles that you fight are within your own mind. That is where the real victories and defeats are.”

Last year, hula hooper Eshna Kutty had stormed the internet with her ‘saree flow’ dance in traditional attire and sneakers. Where Mili Sarkar wowed everyone with backflips in a saree, dancer Rukmini Vijayakumar showed that doing yoga in nine yards can be comfortable. In fact, Soman’s mother too, Usha, at 81 is a fitness inspiration in her saree. All these women, and more, have proved that the traditional saree is no barrier to dreams at all.