Five Malayalam Films With Powerful Women Characters To Watch On Netflix

Moving away from the stereotypical characters imagined for a female has brought numerous aspects of a woman's life to the screen which was neglected previously.

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Malayalam films: With the changing perspective of Indian cinema towards the treatment of women characters in films, the viewers are now exposed to stories that are realistic and inspiring. Moving away from the stereotypical characters imagined for a female has brought numerous aspects of a woman's life to the screen which was neglected previously. Although we did have women-centric films among those mainstream ones, they were often lost in the crowd or underrated.

However, the audience's keen interest in women-centric films has given the creates a push to churn out more female-led projects in all genres. Besides Hindi cinema, the regional film industry has also delved into cinematic ventures that have brought inspiring stories with strong women characters to the screen.

Here's a list of films with powerful women characters: 


Uyare narrates the tale of toxic and obsessive romance. A possessive boyfriend, Govind, attacks his former partner and throws acid on her face. Pallavi Raveendran, the female lead played by Parvarthy, who aspires to become a pilot, struggles to deal with the changed course of life post the incident.

However, when she meets Vishal, son of an airline owner, he decides to hire her as a cabin crew. The story deals with both emotional and courageous aspect of overcoming the barriers created by the acid attack.


Varane Ayashyamund

The romantic-comedy film centres on a mother-daughter duo named Neena and Nikitha, played by Shobhana and Kalyani Priyadarshan respectively. The film touches upon various subjects such as motherhood, marriage and the prejudices we carry within.

Neena, who is a divorced single mother, is portrayed as an individual who has a separate life besides raising her daughter. On the other hand, the mother-daughter relationship isn’t presented as a ‘perfect bond’ and the differences are addressed. The characters constantly rebel against social conventions in their ways as the film proceeds.


Another film deals with a mother-daughter relationship, but the premise of this film focuses more on the tribulations of the duo. A single mother is on a mission to acquire a hefty amount for her daughter, who she believes needs it for higher education, unaware of the betrayal the latter is planning.  A woman in her mid-forties juggling various odd jobs to make ends meet in a big city is central to this story.



The revenge-thriller tells the story of a woman who is kidnapped on the pretext of her husband getting into an accident by three men, who torture her to get information about a young girl. Lilli, the protagonist, pretends to be unaware of the girl who replaced her when she escaped a prostitution ring. Eventually, when she finds out that her husband is behind the abduction, she becomes her own saviour.


The Malayalam romantic film reimagines Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The film is set in the backdrops of political violence in Kannur. Anand and Aiswarya belong to families, who are political rivals, fall in love with each other. Surpassing every obstacle created by the families, the pair fights against all odds to stay together.

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