Maharani 2 Twitter Review: Huma Qureshi Returns With An Impactful Political Drama

Maharani, co-written by Nandan Singh, Umashankar Singh, and its creator Subhash Kapoor, is streaming on SonyLIV

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Internet users are thrilled with the second season of the Huma Qureshi, Soham Shah, and Amit Sial series Maharani 2. The public was wowed by Huma's portrayal as Rani Bharti, the chief minister of Bihar, in the first season, and she has continued to steal the show in the second.

Movie critic Rohit Jaiswal said, "Powerful & Impactful Political Drama. MaharaniS2 is much much better than its previous season, the fight between Huma & Sohum is the biggest strength, and new characters add more spice to this web series. MUST WATCH."

Maharani 2 Twitter Review

One of the netizens applauded Huma for her illuminated execution and noted, "Nailed it. Brilliant performer. Must watch Maharani season 2 at SonyLIV."

One of the film lovers said that the influential tilt of the series and organised in a Twitter post, "Bihar Politics and Bihar CBI Raid: Those people who are very young and are unaware of what happened in the 1990s and early 2000s in Bihar. Just watch Maharani season 2. On Sony Liv. Its first episode is named Jungle Raj."

After being released from prison in Season 2, Bheema Bharti will reclaim the political position that is currently held by his wife, Rani. As he prepares to fight her by all means possible, he may attempt to mislead the populace and discredit the leader. She is projected to rule in season 2 and provide the people of her state with an honest and open government.

Maharani was co-written by Nandan Singh, Umashankar Singh, and its creator Subhash Kapoor. We can watch the political thriller series on SonyLIV. It also stars Sohum Shah, Amit Sial, Kani Kusruti, and Anuja Sathe in key parts. With opposition leader Naveen Kumar (Amit Sial) and her cunning politician husband Bheema, Rani Bharti (Huma Qureshi) is at war (Sohum Shah). She can ride the slopes despite occasional challenges because she picks things up quickly.


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The show's first season was only available on SonyLIV. Having said that, SonyLIV also offered access to season 2 of the show for online viewing. Online distribution began on August 25, 2022. The series was scheduled to be released at midnight Indian Standard Time (IST).

Maharani 2 Maharani 2 Twitter Review