As Maharani Season 2 Releases, All You Need To Know About Its Cast And Plot

In Season 2, the political position that is currently held by his wife, Rani, will be claimed back by Bheema Bharti after he is released from prison.

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The popular series Maharani was renewed for a new season, which is going to be released soon. The makers recently released a trailer for the second season, which gave glimpses of the upcoming season’s plot along with developments in Huma Qureshi's character, Rani Bharti. While the viewers are waiting for the series to be released, here's everything we know so far about Maharani Season 2 cast, plot, release date, and time.

In Season 1, Bihar's chief minister, Bheema Bharti, appointed her homemaker wife, Rani Bharti, as his successor. She inherited the duties of the chief minister. How politically uneducated Rani Bharti learned to understand her situation was the main subject of the show.

In Season 2, the political position that is currently held by his wife, Rani, will be claimed back by Bheema Bharti after he is released from prison. He may try to deceive the people and malign the leader as he prepares to battle her by whatever means possible. Would the Chief Minister prevail in this conflict that is both political and personal? She is anticipated to rule in season 2 and offer her state's citizens an honest and transparent government.

Maharani Season 2 Cast

The show stars Huma Qureshi, Amit Sial, Sohum Shah, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Vineet Kumar, Pramod Pathak, Kani Kusruti, Sushil Pandey, Anuja Sathe, and Neha Chauhan.

Like in the previous season, you will see Sohum Shah as Bihar's chief minister, Bheema Bharti, and Huma Qureshi as Rani Bharti, wife of Bihar's chief minister, Bheema, in the upcoming season. Additionally, Amit Sial, Pramod Pathak, Kani Kusruti, and Vineet Kumar will reprise their roles as Navin Kumar, Satyendranath Mishra, Kaveri Sridharan, and Gauri Shankar Pandey, respectively.


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When the show's star, Qureshi, was questioned about how much Rani Bharti changed from Season 1 to Season 2, she responded, "I think she changed a lot." She explained, "When our journey with Rani Bharti began, she was a naïve housewife who had just been given authority and had no idea how to handle the political world. It was difficult to predict how she would move across that area."

She said, "Of course, she made a lot of mistakes due to her lack of knowledge of politics, lack of self-awareness. She underwent a significant attitude change towards the conclusion of Season 1 as a result of some extremely strong decisions and stances she had taken, becoming a little more politically aware. The audience will see in Season 2 that she is more certain of who she is, where she belongs, what she can do, and the choices she will make. "

Maharani Season 2 Release Date

The series Maharani 2 is now all set to be released on August 25. The series will be released on the OTT platform, Sony LIV.

Maharani 2 Maharani Season 2 Cast