Ma Anand Sheela Talks About Shakun Batra’s Upcoming Documentary

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Ma Anand Sheela who had served as a spokesperson for the Rajneesh movement, a group of people who follow mystic Rajneesh aka Osho,  opened up on Shakun Batra’s upcoming Netflix documentary Searching for Sheela. 

The documentary will give us a glimpse into her life. “What you can expect from me? You can’t expect anything from me. I will be only me. So if you are expecting me to be something else, you have lost,” said Sheela in response to a question on people’s possible reactions after seeing the documentary.

Ma Anand Sheela was a part of certain events after arriving in Delhi

She then added that the Netflix team had complete access to her house, and also received her undivided attention. The team was there with her for 25 days. Ma Anand Sheela arrived in Delhi and was a part of a few events with celebrities such as Karan Johar, Barkha Dutt in various places.

Shakun Batra who is the executive producer of the documentary said that the documentary was made not because another similar documentary was released. “You’re exploring society, you’re exploring her (Ma Anand Sheela) as a pop-culture phenomenon, and then the layers get deeper and more interesting and that’s why this homecoming project is important. It’s not, ‘Oh let’s get further because Wild Wild Country was a hit.’ No, let’s see who we are as much as we want to know who she is,” said Shakun Batra.

Searching for Sheela will premiere on Netflix on April 22.

Earlier, Ma Anand Sheela had also spoken about another project which is also based on her life. Talking about actor Priyanka Chopra‘s casting in the film, Ma Anand Sheela said that she doesn’t have the ability to judge someone for the role their playing in the film.