Looop Lapeta Review In : Story, Acting And Cinematography, What Scores?

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Looop Lapeta reaction came in. The scenes are shot beautifully but the duration and the storyline are not much. That was the lukewarm response from social media viewers who watched the film on its first day of release. The Taapsee Pannu and Tahir Raj Bhasin starrer is the official Hindi remake of highly acclaimed 1998 German thriller, Run Lola Run.

It is the story about Savi whose boyfriend, who is a gambling addict, finds himself stuck in a life threatening situation when he loses the cash that a mobster entrusted him with. Now he asks his girlfriend for assistance and Savi has to tries everything possible to save him while there is still time. Directed by Aakash Bhatia, Looop Lapeta Twitter reactions seem like the movie had a lukewarm reaction towards the film. Looop Lapeta released on Netflix.

Looop Lapeta Review

As soon as the film released on Netflix, people on social media started sharing their reaction of the movie and its connection with Run Lola Run that was a hit worldwide. Naturally, like comparisons are, the conversation on assessing one against the other led to early disappointment for some viewers.

The background score got accolades and so did the cinematography. Here’s are some voices on it from social verse.

  • Looop Lapeta takes too long to find itself, undoing a lot of good done in the second hour. Now streaming on @NetflixIndia
  • The biggest drawback of #LooopLapeta is its run time.. While original film run lola run runtime was around 1 hr 10 mins which helped it to provide gravity & pace to the screenplay where as Loop Lapeta has a double durtion of 2 hrs 11 mins which made the film extremely boring.
  • Though story is not good acting is good. Comedy piece is good shoot. I like camera work much. 1.5 stars out of 5. One time watch for sure.
  • What a fun mad ride was #LooopLapeta on @NetflixIndia@taapsee as always is amazing, so is @TahirRajBhasin and rest of the supporting cast. Background score is lit.
  • @taapsee & @TahirRajBhasin‘s #LooopLapeta is all things amaze. Fresh casting, brilliant performances and all things fun. Enjoyed it thoroughly  It’s now streaming on @NetflixIndia#TaapseePannu #TahirRajBhasin #LooopLapetaOnNetflix

Most of the comments regarding Looop Lapeta from viewers mention the outstanding performance of the actors and mention the amazing camera work and while some openly talk about the drawbacks of the storyline and long length, others don’t mention it which might be because they don’t find it fascinating enough to mention. So far, it seems that Taapsee, Tahir and the rest of the cast and the technical team save the day.

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