“Little Kiara” Gets To Re-Enact Shershaah Scene With Sidharth Malhotra

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Famously known as Little Kiara, Instagram star Kiara Khanna got a chance to recreate one of her namesake actor’s scenes from Shershaah with Sidharth Malhotra, who played the titular role in the film.

Shared by Malhotra from his Instagram handle, the video has garnered over 1,386,000 likes and it has not even been up for 24 hours. Khanna’s video, recreating the funeral scene from Shershaah, in which late Captain Vikram Batra’s fiance Dimple Cheema (played by Kiara Advani) is seen mourning him, went viral on social media some time back.

The latest video featuring Malhotra, sees him reenact the scene from Shershaah in which Dimple Cheema confronts Vikram Batra on his inclination towards joining the Indian Army. Malhotra’s Batra then goes on to tell Advani’s character that he never thought of her to be the kind of girl who would dump a guy if he wanted to join the army. To this, Cheema responds that she isn’t that sort of girl, however, if a guy won’t tell her what is on his mind, then it won’t take her two minutes to dump him.

“Meet little kiara as dimple,” Malhotra wrote in the caption of his video. Kiara Advani was among the many celebs who showered love on Mahlotra’s video.

Khanna’s funeral scene video had been shared by her mother Shivani K Khanna, who shares content featuring her daughters Kiara and her elder sister Mayra on a regular basis. The video had garnered 728,711 on Instagram. “Apart from comedy/dance this is the scene kiara wanted to do..as she has seriously got inspired by movie..she cried in the end when shershaah died,” Shivani wrote in the caption, further asking viewers for their feedback on her daughter’s performance.

Khanna has also reenacted other scenes featuring Dimple Cheema from Shershaah and has also performed scenes from films like Raazi, Jab We Met and Mission Kashmir, featuring as their female leads.

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