Replying To A Fan, Lisa Haydon Announces The Birth Of Third Baby

lisa haydon third baby, Lisa Haydon Lalvani

Lisa Haydon third baby: The Queen actor kept it lowkey while announcing the arrival of baby number three. Mother to two sons, Zack and Leo, Haydon kept news of the birth of her newborn daughter under wraps until a fan asked her about it.

On an Instagram post Sunday, a user asked in the comments, “Hey can you tell me please where’s your 3 tiny baby” to which Haydon responded, “in my arms.”

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lisa haydon third baby

Source: Lisa Haydon / Instagram post comments

Haydon had announced her third pregnancy earlier this year in February with an Instagram video featuring her son, Zack. “Zacky, can you tell everyone what’s inside of mommy’s tummy?” the 35-year-old had asked, to which the young boy replied, “A baby sister.” The baby was expected in June, she wrote. More here.

Lisa Haydon Third Baby: From Announcement To Arrival

Suggesting earlier it was out of laziness she didn’t make her pregnancy announcement any sooner than February, Haydon has been giving fans routine glimpses into her motherhood journey a third time.

The actor, known for her candour when it comes to discussing pregnancy – a topic still talked about in hushed tones in majority Indian households – shared photos with her baby bump through the months, in swimsuits, bikinis, denims, dresses and more.

“With my very little woman 🧡” Haydon wrote on Instagram in March, alongside a photo of herself and her pregnant belly. In subsequent posts, she called this frame her “beach bod” for 2021.

lisa haydon third baby, Lisa Haydon Baby

Credits: Instagram

Penning an emotional note on the experience of expecting a baby with other kids already running around, Haydon had written with a photo of her son in her arms, “Any other moms out there nervous about another baby coming along while you still have a baby in your arms? I worry about his little emotions, how will he feel and express himself while he’s yet learning how to talk.”

Haydon even posed for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar while pregnant, calling it the “grand finale of pregnancy photos” on her social media feed for life.

The fashion model is married to British businessman Dino Lalvani.