K-drama “Little Women” Set To Be Released On September 2022

Korean Little Women Release Date
There have been several versions of Little Women on stage, in movies, on television, and in other media. The narrative will be transformed into a K-Drama on Netflix and the Korean broadcast channel tvN for the first time ever in September 2022.

Kim Hee Won, who has also helmed the television series Vincenzo, Money Flower, and Fated to Love You, is the series’ director. Jung Seo Kyung, who also authored the screenplays for The Handmaiden, Mother and Thirst is the screenwriter of the series adaption.

Little Women tells the story of three sisters from the Oh family. Oh In Joo, Oh In Kyung, and Oh In Hye, played by Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hoo, have a pile of troubles, but money is at the top of the list. When a stunning 70 billion won (about $53.5 million) make their way to them, neatly buried as though designed solely for them, they are dealt a complicated hand of a miracle.

Korean Little Women Teaser

In a recently released teaser, a distraught Oh In Joo can be seen trying to figure out how to escape the cycle of her existence. She decides she wants to live a different life and realises there is only one way to do it: stop being impoverished. She and her sisters must decide how far they can truly go in order to get out of poverty.

They recall how their father, even if it required stealing, made sure they could take care of themselves and lead comfortable lives. It is a crime, endangering the three sisters’ integrity and throwing their lives into the hands of shady people all around them. They want to put themselves to the test and carry out a plan that could lead to serious problems. The three sisters must deal with a lot, including fear, risk, blood, thirst, and greed.

Korean Little Women Release Date

Little Women is set to be premiered on September 3, 2022, on the Korean broadcasting channel tvN and for international viewers on the streaming platform Netflix with English subtitles.

There will be twelve episodes in all, with new episodes arriving twice weekly on Saturdays and Sundays for a total of six weeks.

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