Khichdi 2 Twitter Review: Nostalgic Netizens Stans For Parekh Family

As the iconic show, Khichdi's franchise has blessed fans with a Diwali gift releasing the second film of the series, Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan, fans flooded the theatres.

Pavi Vyas
Nov 18, 2023 19:58 IST
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As the popular 90s show Khichdi franchise has released a sequel film Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan with a clever release date of the family comedy drama on November 17, around the Diwali holidays, the film has performed commercially well in theatres despite clashing its release around Salman Khan's big release Tiger 3


All the '90s kids and families flooded the theatres to watch the family drama and heart-warmed movie-goers flooded the internet with mixed reviews while some called the film "laugh riot" and "perfect stress buster" others called out the cons of the comedy family adventure drama. 

Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan Twitter Review:

As fans of the iconic show series were eager to watch the film on the big screens, most fans wrote about the film to be "laughter therapy and tickling "funny bones", many appreciated the performance of the actors Rajeev Mehta playing Prafful and Supriya Pathak playing Hansa Parekh. 


If you worry that the original show will lose its essence through its filmy format, this X (formerly Twitter) user addressed your worries calling it the "perfect blend." 

Another admirer of the film called the film a pure "laugh riot" however, pointed out the cons of the film giving an honest review. 


A nostalgic fan of the show in a video review admired how the film will take viewers back into Nostalgia but called out the film to be a "one-time-watch" and warned watchers to not use any "logic" while watching the film calling it a "Time Pass watch."

Another user addressed the film's "brainless comedy" yet appreciated how the jokes landed well, while another user emphasised sentimentally how the film pushes everyone into nostalgia. 


Overall, the film received decent reviews from being called a "perfect stress buster" to a "feel-good comedy" while others called out the film as having a "stretched screenplay" or "okayish" but the "nostalgia factor" to be working. 

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