Kareena Kapoor Khan Birthday: Here Are Some Of Her Thought-Provoking Quotes On Motherhood

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  1. Raising feminist kids

Kareena Kapoor Khan is an ardent believer of the fact that children must be raised in a way that they respect every person irrespective of their gender or caste. “We need to look after our girls just as well as we look after our boys. As females ourselves, it is incredibly sad that baby girls do not always get the same care that baby boys do. If your baby girl becomes unwell, get help for them just as quickly as you would do for a boy.”, she had one said.

2. Fathers should contribute equally in parenting

Kapoor believes that parenting isn’t a mother’s duty alone. She should divide the roles equally between a mother and a father. Kareena Kapoor Khan once said, “It is a common proverb that there are many things which only a mother can do, but I believe that a father can also take care of a lot of such things.”  She also added that her husband Saif Ali Khan respects working women a lot. “He gives us the space to do exactly what we want.”, she said.

3. Get rid of superstitions and seek doctors’ advice

Parents should not follow beliefs and stereotypes that jeopardise your baby’s health, advises Kareena Kapoor Khan. Always take the advice and support of the medical practitioners for taking any decisions for your baby. She also believes that the process of child-birth should be done under the supervision of skilled birth attendants. “If these people are not available, we need to demand them. No woman should give birth without help from a trained birth attendant. It is too dangerous.”, she wrote.

4. A happy mother raises a happy child

Happiness of mother is crucial to Kareena Kapoor Khan who believes that it eventually leads to the happiness of a baby. In an interview, Khan said that working mothers deal with the guilt of not being with their child all the time. But she added, “The most important thing for a working mother is to believe in her self…Be happy, believe in yourself and your child will automatically flourish.”, she said adding that she has always been a very proud working mother.

5. Pregnancy and motherhood are challenging yet fulfilling

Kareena Kapoor Khan admits that pregnancy and motherhood are one of the challenging yet most fulfilling experiences in a woman’s life. Giving birth involves multiple emotions and raising a child is the most difficult part. Women suffer from post-partum depression also but Khan suggests to remain calm and experience the bliss of giving birth.

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