Kareena Kapoor Fitness Goals, Looking at Five Throwback Moments on The Actor’s Birthday

Kareena Kapoor Yoga Day

Kareena Kapoor fitness goals make it to the headlines often. From popularising the size zero (which we don’t subscribe to) to doing hundred plus surya namaskars a day, the actor is followed for her steadfast regime.

Her workout schedule includes everything starting from Pilates and Kickboxing to Yoga. Besides, she is conscious about what she eats. Kapoor’s fans hugely admire her fitness mantras and try to apply them in their lives too. On Bebo’s birthday here’s looking back at some Kareena Kapoor fitness moments.

A look at five Kareena Kapoor fitness goals as she turns 41

1. Keeping your body active during pregnancy

The actor is a mother to two sons, Taimur and Jeh. She stayed active throughout both her pregnancies. In her opinion, it is very important for the body to have some movement. “It could be in any form; going for a walk, weight training or swimming,” she shared in an interview. However, one should do what they are able to. Pregnant women should avoid getting themselves exhausted.

2. Eating right

A healthy diet is necessary to stay healthy. Kapoor has been working with nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, and the two often work together to customise the actor’s diet chart according to her needs. She starts her day with soaked almonds or banana. At noon, she either has curd rice and papad or roti with either paneer or dal. Later in the afternoon, Kapoor moves on to eat a bowl of papaya or some peanuts. Sometimes, she just consumes piece of cheese or some makhana.

In the evening, Kapoor drinks a glass of mango milkshake or has a bowl of litchi. She even eats some chivda at times. She considers several options for her dinner. The Ra.One actor sometimes has veg pulao or paalak or pudina roti with raita. On other days, she prefers to have rice with dal and sabzi. Before going to bed, Kapoor drinks a glass of milk with turmeric and nutmeg.

3. Kareena’s love for Yoga

Kapoor’s journey with Yoga started in 2006 when she signed the films Jab We Met and Tashan. It kept her fit and strong. On International Yoga Day this year, she said that after giving birth to two babies and four months of postpartum, she was exhausted and in too much pain to get back. But she was getting back to it “slowly and steadily”. She further said that her yoga time was her “me time” and since consistency is the key, one should “keep at it”. Finally, she said that she was going to “#StretchLikeACat” and hoped that her followers did that too.

In 2016, she said that Yoga is a part of her soul. She felt the inverted postures helped the face a lot. Besides, any kind of yogic breathing will help the inner being, affecting the skin. “While I basically do Ashtanga, I’ve tried all its different forms but I can tell you one thing, even a simple surya namaskar can help immensely,” she added.

4. Don’t forget kickboxing

Kapoor is a kickboxing enthusiast. She believes that kickboxing is good for our mental health. It helps us release our pent-up aggression through a positive activity rather than anger. Releasing our aggression in this way will help us our mind heal and think clearly. In June 2020, Kapoor’s fitness trainer Drew Neal revealed that kickboxing is her favourite exercise. It enables her to give a vent to her built-up energy by hitting focus pads.

5. Choose your workout outfits carefully

According to the actor, the perfect wardrobe includes clothes one is comfortable in. She loves to choose different varieties of clothes for her workout sessions. She advises that workout gear is shouldn’t be limited to the exercise sessions. Most people do not want to be restricted to the gym. One can even go out for lunch in workout gear.

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