Kannada Film Juliet 2 Teaser Released, Netizen Goes Gala Over Thriller

Juliet 2 Teaser Review
The teaser of the much-talked female-centric Kannada film, Juliet 2, was officially released by Ashwini Puneet Kumar on Tuesday. Juliet 2, starring actor Brinda Acharya, is written and directed by Virat B. Gowda and produced by Likith R. Kotian under the banner of PL Productions.

The teaser was launched at an event that was graced by the producer Likith R. Kotian, director Virat B Gowda, actors Brinda Acharya and Srikanth Roy Badiger, and the cast of Juliet 2.

Juliet 2 Teaser Review

The movie narrates the story of Juliet (Brinda Acharya), an independent woman, who has a close bond with her father. She aspires to fulfil her father’s dreams. Juliet witnessed a horrific incident one night that connected her to her own traumatic past. The teaser shows a chaotic circle of vengeful attacks. It leaves us with the question of whether Juliet will be able to triumph over the brutality behind the dark door. Brinda Acharya is an Indian actor who predominantly works in the Kannada film industry. She made her acting debut in the Kannada film Premam Poojyam, which was released in 2021.

The teaser’s eerie background music, fast-cut scenes, and dark theme promise an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Brinda Acharya is playing the lead in this female-centric film. Srikanth Roy, Anoop Sagar, and Kush Acharya are among the cast of Juliet 2. The film will be released in five languages, including Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam. Watch teaser here.

Juliet 2 Release Date

The movie is scheduled to release in February 2023. Reliance Entertainment Studio has grabbed the distribution rights. Since the teaser has been released, netizens are talking about it Twitter. One of the user speculating movie to be thrilling, “sach mein doston bahut hi gajab ki hone wali hai kyunki iska teaser itna Shandar hai.”

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