Joni Mitchell Removes Her Music From Spotify To Support Neil Young

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Joni Mitchell is upset about the fact that Spotify is spreading 'lies' about COVID-19 and has decided to remove all her music from the platform in order to show her disagreement. The Canadian singer and songwriter said that she stands against the misinformation spread by the platform through one of its podcasts.

Joni Mitchell is not the first artist to take this step, she is following the footsteps of Neil Young, Canadian singer and songwriter, who removed his music earlier this week from the online music streaming giant. Neil was upset over the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast streamed on Spotify in which misinformation was conveyed to the listeners by American commentator, Joe Rogan who has a multi-year exclusive contract with Spotify.

Joni Mitchell's Statement On Spotify's 'Lies'

Joni announced through a post on her website on January 28 that she will be removing her songs from Spotify just like her fellow musician Neil Young. Regarding her exit from Spotify, Joni said, "Irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives. I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the global scientific and medical communities on this issue."

The medics and other scientists along with Neil Young and Joni argued that Joe Rogan conveyed false information and conspiracy theories regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Neil stood up against the online music streaming giant for "spreading fake information about vaccines — potentially causing death" through "Joe Rogan Experience" and told them to choose between him and Rogan.

Joe Rogan's podcast came under fire as the commentator discouraged vaccination and encouraged off-label usage of Ivermectin drug for COVID-19 treatment. Spotify released its statement regarding the Joe Rogan controversy and said, "With that comes great responsibility in balancing both safety for listeners and freedom for creators. We have detailed content policies in place and we've removed over 20,000 podcast episodes related to Covid since the start of the pandemic."

Meanwhile, Joni had 3.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and her exit from the platform will be a sad news for her fans worldwide. Mitchell, along with the announcement,  also shared a copy of an open letter that was penned by medical authorities to take actions against Rogan's podcast. Spotify has not yet issued its statement on Joni's exit. Regarding Neil exit, it said, "We regret Neil's decision to remove his music from Spotify but hope to welcome him back soon."

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