Five Jamie Lever Videos Prove That She Is As Hilarious As Her Comedian Father

Jamie Lever Funny Videos
Jamie Lever funny videos: Her mimicries are spot on. Her candour is relatable. And her comedy is at par with that of India’s favourite entertainer, Johny Lever, who is also her father. With over eight lakh followers, Jamie Lever is the new big thing in comedy on Instagram. The young woman is her own brand that, even if reminiscent of, is not overshadowed by her father’s legacy.

Her reels and funny videos have gained massive popularity among fans. A part of that can perhaps be attributed to the chunk of creative content Lever has put out in the last year of the pandemic, which is what pushed the pedal on her fame in staggering measure. More on her here.

One day she is fashionista Sonam Kapoor, another day she is the convivial Farah Khan. Add to that captivating skills of song and dance. Lever is a whole package. Here are some videos that best capture what she is all about.

Jamie Lever Funny Videos You Cannot Miss:

1. Sonam Kapoor, is that you?  

Lever’s Sonam Kapoor impersonations have always won laughs from her audience. From the accented speech to her stylish Indo-western looks, Lever essays the whole statement look when playing the Bollywood actor on screen. In a reel that went viral last month, Lever hopped onto the Instagram trend of ‘Paris, Oslo Lagos’ as Kapoor with pronunciation that fans thought sounded eerily similar to the original. She ended with how it was “unfair” that desi locations like Delhi and Juhu (in Mumbai) were not on the trend and that we should start our own. Watch.

2. The musical Asha Bhosle

When it comes to singing, Lever is gifted. When she’s not using her voice to enthrall audiences as herself, she appears as the pink saree-clad, mellifluous Asha Bhosle. Her expressions are a hit among fans who are often of the opinion that with closed eyes, one would find it difficult to discern between the real and reel Bhosle. As a music industry senior, Lever as Bhosle opines with authority on the music younger artists are creating today. Watch.

3. Chhota Chhatri, reel vs real

Lever revisited one of her father’s most memorable roles as don Chhota Chhatri from the 2002 film Awara Paagal Deewana. And what better way than to rope in the original? She took on Johny Lever’s role while the comic himself turned the exasperating Manilal, originally played by Paresh Rawal. Fans were delighted to see the father-daughter duo bring to life early millennium nostalgia. “I was freaking out while shooting this, he is such a perfectionist,” Lever wrote alongside the video. Watch.

4. Rakhi Sawant and COVID-19 vigilance

Aye, mask laga!” Rakhi Sawant’s golden words to unmasked people have been immortalised many times over through social media videos and memes. How could Lever, with her supreme mimicry skills, not give it a shot? In a three-minute-long IGTV, Lever imitates Sawant’s eccentric conversations with mediapersons that do rounds online every time the actor-dancer is snapped stepping out of the gym. She hands out COVID-19 prevention tips liberally, elaborating on how everyone should sanitise themselves, eat fresh food and take care of each other – because “corona ko India se get out karna hai.” Watch.

5. Relatable curly hair problems 

Curly girls will relate hard to this one. I know I did. Others can just about try and gauge how difficult it is to manage a tangle of hair on our heads. In a half-and-half reel, where a creator slid a rubberband holding his straight hair out with ease, Lever showed the nightmare it is for curly-headed people to even get a hair tie out without struggle. She pulls with one hand as the rubber refuses to come off, while the straight-haired creator ruffles their effortlessly glorious golden locks down their shoulders. It’s a wonder curl heads still haven’t ripped all their hair out. Watch.

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