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Jack from Virgin River is the popular crush of those who have watched the popular Netflix drama series. The character and his chemistry with protagonist Mel Monroe flutter the hearts of all viewers.

Martin Henderson rose to different heights of popularity after starring in Virgin River opposite Alexandra Breckenridge. The bar owner from the town of Virgin River has his own charm with his protective nature and great chemistry with the female lead. The show will be coming back with its season 4 on July 20, 2022. While you wait for your favourite Jack-Mel couple to return back to the screen, here are 8 other performances from Jack from Virgin River aka Martin Henderson that you can watch.

8 Performances Of Jack From Virgin River

Bride & Prejudice

Martin Henderson played the role of Mr Darcy in this adaptation of the iconic movie based on Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. The 2004 movie gave a Bollywood twist to the classic story as it replaced the Bennet's with Bakshi's and starred Aishwarya Rai as Lalita Bakshi (Elizabeth Bennet), Namrata Shirodkar as Jaya Bakshi (Jane Bennet) and Anupam Kher as their father Chaman Bakshi (Mr Bennet).


This 2004 movie is available to watch on Netflix and starred Martin Henderson in the lead role of Cary Ford. Cary Ford is a biker who finds some crystal meth on some of his motorcycles one day but is unaware of the fact that they are drugs and keeps them away. However, a gangster Henry James will do all in his might to recover those drugs and frames Ford for the murder of a biker gang leader.


Grey's Anatomy

Martin has also been a part of the popular medical drama series Grey's Anatomy. He first appeared in season 12's sixth episode in the role of attending cardiothoracic surgeon named Nathan Riggs. He initially joined as the love interest of Meredith Pierce but later gets together with his ex-fiance Megan Hunt who has been missing for a long time. He featured as a main character in season 12 and 13 and departs in season 14.

The Strangers: Prey At Night

Released in 2018, this survival thriller is the story of Mike and Cindy, played by Martin Henderson and Christina Hendricks, whose road trip with their children turns into a nightmare when they get trapped in an isolated home park and have to fight with three blood thirsty psychopaths for survival.

Miracles From Heaven

This heartwarming 2016 movie stars Martin along with Kylie Rogers and Jennifer Garner in lead roles. The movie is about a mother, Christy Beam, who plays an important role in helping her daughter Anna recover from an incurable disease miraculously. Martin plays the role of Kevin Beam, Christy's husband in the movie.


Perfect Opposites

This 2004 rom-com starring Martin Henderson and Piper Perabo in lead roles is about the love story of Drew Curtis and Julia Bishop. The couple is graduating college and decide to continue their relationship and move to Los Angeles together. However, after spending some time in LA, their relationship starts facing challenges and they have to rethink whether they want to continue it or not.

Off The Map

This 2011 medical drama series stars Martin Henderson, Jason Winston George, Valerie Cruz and Jonathan Castellanos in pivotal roles. The show is about a group of doctors who are shifted from the United States to a remote South American location. During their stay in the tropics, the doctors rediscover the true purpose of their profession.


This 2022 movie stars Martin Henderson along with Jenna Ortega, Mia Goth, Kid Cudi and Brittany Snow. The story of the movie is about a group of actors who move to rural Texas and become hosts at the house of a seemingly reclusive elderly couple to secretly shoot an adult film. However, they get into a life threatening struggle when their hosts discover the truth.

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