Huma Qureshi Recalls Walking Out Of Item Song: 'Lyrics Were Cringe'

In a recent interview, Huma Qureshi revealed that she walked out f an item number of a "big film" as the lyrics of the songs made her question "How Can I?"

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Image: Twitter @BDUTT video of podcast Inside Out.

In a recent interview with journalist Barkha Dutt in her podcast InsideOut, the actor Huma Qureshi talks about walking out from an item number recently.

Huma Qureshi is currently starring in her recent release Tarla screening on Zee5. 

Huma Qureshi Walks Out Of Item Song:

Huma Qureshi in an interview opened up about many things where she talked about walking out of an item number of a big film even after shooting it for a couple of days.

Huma claimed that it was offered by a big producer and it was a 'big film' so she said "Why Not? Everyone does it."

 She shared how she went to the shoot for a couple of days and even her costume was made but later she found the lyrics too problematic calling it "cringe" and describing how she asked herself "How can I?"

Qureshi however denied disclosing any details about the song or the film by saying "We will take a stand but sensibly so." 


Huma also talked about her sexuality and doing item numbers where she said she would love to do songs where she will get to celebrate herself and her sexuality, the songs that would be great and fun to do, where she will look hot the why not asking who doesn't wants to look hot and amazing on screen. 

Qureshi also talked about the objectification of the female form and their bodies. She said she enjoyed working on the 2022 film Monica O My Darling (2022).

Explaining her character's intricacies she recalled that she's poor and she is gorgeous and she knows her body and beauty is a currency, so why are you judging her, asking did you judge the protagonist when he was sleeping with his boss's daughter to get a promotion?

She then recalled an incident about correcting a journalist while on the film's promotion when her character was called "Vamp" when she answered by pointing out the fact that all the actors sitting there also played a grey role in the film using people to their advances, but they have not used the term for any other guy but for a female because she used her body, saying "This is what we need to change". 

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