Netflix Series ‘How To Build A Sex Room’ Cast: All You Need To Know

How To Build A Sex Room Cast
In the reality television programme How to Build a Sex Room, Melanie Rose, an accomplished interior designer, is recruited by a number of couples who want to liven things up, not so much in their bedrooms as in a room dedicated to their desires.

Melanie uses her knowledge and imagination to come up with sensual modifications for the couples, from “rock-and-roll dungeons” to “next-level spas,” that fulfil their desires and demands. The key scenes for How to Build a Sex Room were all shot in Denver, Colorado’s capital and largest city. Additionally, it is a combined city and county. The homes of several couples serve as the backdrops for the Netflix series, and Melanie Rose and the rest of the production team travel across the city to these homes.

How To Build A Sex Room Cast

The audience often wonders where the filming locations for the Netflix reality show were because Melanie moves from one property to another to complete some impressive renovations. How to Build a Sex Room‘s first eight episodes follow one interior designer’s efforts to assist married couples in reigniting their sexual passion. The Netflix series, which stars London-born Melanie Rose, documents the creation of a fetish-positive basement with an industrial atmosphere, a suite with plenty of panache, and other spaces.

How to Build a Sex Room‘s first episode of the first season shows Melanie Rose attempting to improve Taylor and AyJay’s sex life. Melanie takes Raj and Ryan under her wing in Season 1, Episode 2. She shocks businessman Matthew and his long-distance companion, Orlando, in Season 1, Episode 3. In the same episode, she also pays Shenika and Matthew a visit.

Melanie introduces the couples and the home viewers in Season 1 of How to Build a Sex Room. But the basements shown on the show are probably only accessible for private usage. Fans of How to Build a Sex Room would probably be turned away if they did not present a compelling argument for getting in. The majority of spectators ought to be able to make do with the next best thing, which is watching the show and taking notes. The series premiered on Netflix on July 8.