5 Must-Watch Shows That Represent Non-Binary Relationships In An Inspiring Way

5 Shows That Represent Non-Binary Relationships In An Inspiring Way

All relationships cannot be seen with the same heteronormative lens where a guy meets girl and they stay happily every after. Thankfully the on screen narrative has started to change and is not limited to hetero love stories. Here is the list of web series that will make you think of love in completely different light:

Feel Good 

The story entirely drawn from Canadian comedian, Mae Martin‘s life shows her masochist side in the way she always goes after people who do not value her. She falls in love with a straight girl named George (played by Charlotte Ritchie) and always finds herself at the edge because of insecurity. Luckily, George falls in love with her too and slowly gradually explores her sexuality with Mae (played by herself). Even though Mae suffers from major abandonment issues, George always finds a way to make Mae feel loved and cared for. The way Mae’s mother (played by Lisa Kudrow )responds to Mae’s sexual identity is also refreshing in itself. The show doesn’t make a big deal about what sex the characters feel attracted to rather what stops them from being in stable relationships. Because whether date men or women, love is hardly an easy ordeal.

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Please Like Me 

We are often fed with stories of forever-ever-after and monogamous relationships. Please Like Me makes it clear that monogamy is a binary concept and it shouldn’t be the only way to be in relationships. Josh (played by Josh Thomas) is a man who dates his female best friend almost all his teenage just so he could feel less gay. As he comes in terms with his sexuality, he takes the uncharted territory of casual sex with other gay men and, to his surprise, feels free at last. He also finds love in Arnold (played by Keegan Joy) and expects Arnold to be devoted to him. Arnold on the other hand loves Josh but doesn’t feels the need to be monogamous. This is where Josh really starts to grow up and  sheds the preconceived notions of love in his head.


The most popular web-series of the year 2020, Euphoria came out as on of the most progressive narratives on teenage love story. The characters Rue and Jules, played by Zendaya Maree Stoermer Colemen and Hunter Schafer respectively very organically come close to each other. While Rue falls head over heels first, Jules takes her time to reciprocate that feeling. It is commendable how Rue tries to keep herself away from Jules. She knows how being too involved can get harmful. While Jules explores with other partners, Rue simply lets her do her thing.

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Little Fires Everywhere

There is a lot that makes Little Fires Everywhere a remarkable show. The way it questions passive racism, motherhood, sexism and many other nuanced issues. What becomes the soul of the show is simply love. The relationship between Kerry Washington’s character, Mia and Pauline ( played by Anika Noni Rose ) is what really gets overlooked. Maybe because Mia’s love for Pauline never really came in between Mia’s life choices. It was a relationship completely based on love and respect for one another. At times they became muses for one another and also cared for one another like parents look after their kids. Although when the time came, Pauline left Mia to deal with her life. She always kept herself at a phone call’s reach.

Sex Education 

Doing justice to its title, there is no other show as sex positive as Sex Education on Netflix. This is the show that  truly represents the LGBTQ community. The love-hate relationship between Eric (played by Ncuti Gatwa) and Adam ( played by Conner Swindles ) breaks the exact picture of toxic masculinity.  Even though Adam finds it hard to come to terms with his sexuality and in turns hurts Eric, there is a certain warmth shared by both the characters. We can all argue how Adam doesn’t deserve Eric but its really up to Eric to make that call.