5 Things That Make HBO’s Euphoria A Must Watch

5 Things That Make Euphoria A Must Watch

Emmy award-nominated HBO web-series, Euphoria, created a lot of buzz for all the right reasons. Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman’s exceptional portrayal of a teenager dealing with mental health issues is one of the biggest reasons. While the show’s plot of high-school going kids is easily the most popular narrative doing rounds these days, it the compassionate and unique eye of creators that makes Euphoria ahead of all the high-school dramas ever made. Here are few other reasons why you should definitely watch Euphoria:

The Sisterhood

Even though all the female characters in the show hardly show similarity with each other, their differences eventually bring them together. We get to see women coming from different households and societies suffering from almost similar limitations and issues. Jules( played by Hunter Schafer), who lives with her fathers spends all her time ‘scoring’ men to feel good about her womanhood. Maddy (played by Alexa Demie) , being totally comfortable with her sexuality, does unrealistic things to make her boyfriend feel good about his masculinity. Cassey (played by Sydney Sweeney) who blames herself for her broken family constantly puts herself at risk just so she can please men. Kate (played by Barbie Ferriera) , who finds herself struggling with body issues finds comfort in becoming something she is not.

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The humour of misery

Rue, a character played by Zendaya, has a unique way of conveying what she suffers from. Her character could pass off as the cliched teenager who always pretends to like all-things dark. The twist here is that she hardly pretends. Her relationship with her little sister ( played by Storm Reid)  is another wholesome offering of the show. What really adds another layer to her character is the way she crushes on Jules and does everything to keep herself away from her. At last she gives in like everyone crazy in love.

The portrayal of non-binary relationships

In 2020, passing off a show as gender inclusive has become easy. Creators are hardly trying to represent realistic non-binary relationships, but Euphoria is different. The bond between Jules and Rue start off with innocent friendship and later achieve what most adults are unable to. They really respect each other’s space, secrets, and choices. There is something to learn from the way Rue keeps her feelings aside and lets Jules live her life.

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Attention to mental health

Be it Rue’s addiction to drugs as coping mechanism or her self-sabotaging attitude everything about her personality comes with a reason. The show doesn’t ridicule her choices neither turns her into a villain. Rather shows us how she struggles to do the right thing.

The Eye Make Up 

Last but not the least, the eye make up of the characters in every scene convey some important aspect their personality. It is refreshing to watch how each and every female on the show has a different hue on her eyes. Sometimes glittery, sometimes gaudy and even messy, every time a character shows up on screen their eyes reveal something about their state of being.