Hazel Keech Singh Donates Hair, Opens Up About Postpartum Struggle

Hazel Keech Singh shared her journey with postpartum challenges in a recent Instagram post, including significant hair loss. She decided to trim her tresses and donate her hair to support cancer patients.

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Hazel Keech Singh On Postpartum Struggles

Image Credits: Instagram via Hazel keech Singh

Hazel Keech Singh, artist and former cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s wife, shared in a recent Instagram post her journey with postpartum challenges, including significant hair loss. She decided to trim her tresses and donate her hair to support cancer patients.


Notably, the couple had their first child, Orion, in 2022, and their second child, Aura, was born in August 2023.

Hazel Keech Singh On Postpartum Struggle

Hazel Keech shared a series of photos of herself getting her hair cut. The first image showed her sporting short hair and holding the chopped hair. The second photo shows her long tresses. She also shared a couple of videos while getting her hair cut, followed by another one where she was flaunting her new hairstyle.

Sharing photos of her tresses, Hazel Keech wrote that she had always noticed that new moms cut their hair short but never understood why. She later learned about postpartum hair fall, which sucks when a woman is already adjusting to the new reality of tiny humans who “like a motion sensor, cry or poop the moment you step into the bathroom."

She shared that she has decided to donate her hair to turn it into wigs for people going through cancer treatments. She said that her husband shared with her how he used to feel when watching all his hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes fall out while he was getting chemotherapy and how it took a toll on one’s self-esteem. Yuvraj Singh, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, fought against the dreadful disease and made a powerful comeback.


Since the post was shared on Instagram on October 14, it has garnered over 46,000 views and several likes and comments. One user shared how they lost all their hair due to an illness and thanked the makers who created such beautiful, original-looking wigs. Another user shared that she too had donated her hair to cancer patients after her delivery. A third user said they loved her new short hair look. Many other users appreciated Hazel Keech for her sweet gesture towards a noble cause.

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