Taylor Swift Impact: Universities To Offer A Course On ‘Most Streamed’ Star

The Taylor Swift impact does not seem to be stopping anytime soon, as Harvard University offered a course 'Taylor Swift And Her World' though it is not the only university dedicating its courses to the iconic pop star.

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Looking at the global sensation Taylor Swift's impact, from being an economic boon to almost causing earthquakes during her concerts, and her concert film creating a cinematic revolution, some of the most esteemed universities are offering courses on the iconic pop singer. Harvard University, renowned for its intellectual pursuits, is stepping into a new era—a Taylor Swift era. The prestigious institution in Cambridge has announced an English course centered around the globally acclaimed singer-songwriter during the upcoming spring term of 2024.


The course 'Taylor Swift and Her World' will offer a study of the star's global influence and decipher her chart-topping music in its spring 2024 term. However, Harvard is not the only university that includes the massively popular singer-songwriter in its course. 

The Taylor Swift Impact: Universities To Offer Taylor Swift Courses

2023 has been quite the year for American sensational singer Taylor Swift, as she is high on heels, breaking records and creating more, giving her not just billionaire status but making her one of the strongest influential people in the world. Looking at her global influence, many universities are now reported to have been offering courses in her name. 

In September of this year, the University of Melbourne also announced the "Swiftposium", a symposium that will delve into the impact of the megastar across various domains, including the music industry, culture, and economy. It coincides with Taylor Swift's Eras tour, commencing in Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on February 16.

Harvard University Offers Course on Taylor Swift:

Harvard University is soon to offer the course 'Taylor Swift And Her World' The course's description says, "Today she's (Taylor Swift) the most recognizable country or formerly country? or pop artist in North America, if not the world: her songwriting takes in half a dozen genres, and her economic impact changes cities," the course description for "English 183ts. Taylor Swift and Her World" stated. 


The website also described what the course will offer, as it said it will teach how to study her fan culture and delve into her celebrity culture, learning more about her adolescence, adulthood, and appropriation. The website also states the course will teach how to think about "white texts, Southern texts, transatlantic texts, and queer subtexts."

Stephanie Burt will be the course instructor, as she states the course will offer students more than just writing about their favourite tracks of the artist. In an interview, Burt said, "The singer's transition from country to pop music will be studied as it relates to broader political shifts in the country."


Not just Harvard but the University of Florida will also include Taylor Swift in one of its courses on musical storytelling. However, the course will not just have Taylor Swift but will include many other iconic musical names such as Dolly Parton, Aretha Franklin, and Billie Holiday along with Swift in the course's study material. 

One of the most popular music schools, Berklee College Of Music, is also covering Swift's songwriting techniques in its course for aspiring songwriters to prepare better in writing their own songs. 

Belgium Ghent University is also offering a course centred around Swift and her contributions to art and culture on a large scale. 


Taylor Swift Top Artist On Spotify Wrap 2023:

With the Eras Tour and Re-recorded 1989 album, we are truly living in the Taylor Swift Era as the singer is ruling even the music streaming platform, becoming the most-streamed artist globally in 2023 with more than 26.1 billion streams since January 1. 

Swift's Cruel Summer and Anti-Hero were ranked sixth and tenth most streamed songs of the year while her album Lover was ranked 7th most streamed album in 2023 on Spotify. 


Taylor Swift spotify wrapped the eras tour