Kalki Koechlin’s ‘Goldfish’ To Premiere At 75th Cannes Film Festival

Goldfish cannes
Starring Kalki Koechlin and Rajit Kapur, Goldfish film is set to have its world market premiere at the 75th Cannes Film Festival on May 21 and 22 in the French Riviera town. Set against the backdrop of London, the film is the first international collaboration between Dev D stars, Deepti Naval and Kalki.

According to reports, Deepti shared a personal anecdote from her life in a statement, saying, “As an actor you wait for films that will change something inside. For me, ‘Goldfish’ is one such role. I connected immediately with the film when I heard the story of the film in three lines. Something inside me said this is for me, this is what you have been waiting for me. Maybe because I saw my mother go through Alzheimer’s and Dementia.”

Goldfish Cannes Premiere

Directed by cinematographer and theatre director Pushan Kriplani, along with Amit Saxena’s Splendid Films (USA) producing it with Pooja Chauhan serving as the executive producer, Kripalni, while explaining the premise of the film, said, “Goldfish explores the ideas of identity through two women.”

He further added, “One unsure of who she is because she lives between two cultures, neither completely her own, and the other, stuck in a land not her own, now because of her disease, with her identity ephemeral. It seeks to address the ideas of duty, love and painful history.”

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With inputs from sources, Kalki spoke about the post-Covid world and the emotional and psychological upheaval that it spread. She said that a lot of people were forced into their homes with their loved ones in a post-COVID world. Physical stillness was all everywhere along with  emotional torment which followed the stillness.

She said, “That’s something the film speaks to. The other thing that stood out for me in the film is how the film’s cast included Indians from all over the world and all these actors had their own accents that is something we’ve never seen in a film – the diversity of Indian accents and therefore of the people of India.”

In a report by the PTI, the film followed the story of Koechlin’s character who, on returning home to her estranged mother, starts showing early signs of dementia. Reports also say that the film explores the ideas of identity through two women.