Twitter Says Forensic Does Not Live Up To The Expectations Of Its Malayalam Original

Forensic Twitter Reviews
Who wasn’t excited to see the Malayalam film Forensic‘s Hindi remake which starred the best actors in lead roles—Vikrant Massey and Radhika Apte. Well, the film is now out and the social media is flooded with reviews for the film.

The Massey and Apte starrer tells the story of a forensic expert and a cop who join forces to catch a serial killer who’s at large. The killer’s memo is that they prey after little girls and kill them brutally on their respective birthdays.

The movie is set against the backdrop of the beautiful Mussoorie. The movie was released on June 24 on Zee5 and Twitter users have given their verdict on the film! Based on the reactions, it can be said that the movie makes a failed attempt to present an intriguing story but an amazing cast, their acting skills and an online release saved it from being dubbed as an absolute disaster.

Forensic Twitter Reviews

The movie failed to impress the audience who had already watched the Malayalam stellar and felt that the movie made an unsuccessful attempt to outwit the original. A Twitter user wrote, “Serial killer. Ha ha ha. The new thriller Forensic may have been more fun if the Vikrant Massey character had continued being as crazy as he seems in his opening scene.” Another user commented, “Radhika Apte and Vikrant Massey star in a bizarre adaptation with grotesque course correction.”

A Twitter user calls the film boring as they write, “Not been able to see #JJJ cause travelling but #Forensic instantly cured my jetlag and sent me off on a deep, post-viewing slumber. Not that I cared much for the Malayalam original. But big betrayal here was not living up to the promise of #CID’s Dr Salunkhe.” Meanwhile, another user dubbed the remake, “The series is so busy trying to outwit the audience, the original film and the audience who watched the original film that it eventually outwits itself – twice over.” 

For other Twitter users, the movie did well as they praised Vikrant Massey’s acting skills as they wrote, “With a fine piece of acting by Vikrant Massey, who essays forensic expert Johnny Khanna–whose moods freely alternate between seriousness and joviality–#Forensic flies.”

Praising the message behind the movie, a Twitter user writes, “Makers try to deliver a strong message on child abuse, and past trauma in a simple way. The cast is perfect, and the writing and the screenplay are good.”

Another Twitter user acknowledged the acting of Prachi Desai that features in the movie in a secondary role as they wrote, “My #Forensic movie review will be incomplete if I don’t talk about the evergreen #PrachiDesai. For years, she has been in the backseat of several films. And seeing her take up versatile and highly placed characters nowadays makes me happy as a cine lover.”

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