Five Hindi Films On Supportive Husbands That You Cannot Miss

List of five Hindi Movies about supportive husband and the ones who stood by their partner in all their decision.

Kumari Purvi
Feb 11, 2022 14:42 IST
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Five Hindi Films On Supportive Husbands That You Cannot Miss
Bollywood movies have portrayed wives as "pativrata naari"(woman duty-bound to husband) for ages. With changing times, there is a need to challenge such roles and men need to be shown as supportive, caring and breaking gender stereotypes. Even though less in number, few movies have broken the stern roles of men and portrayed them in softer roles. 

Here is the list of Hindi movies from Bollywood on supportive husbands that you can watch.

Hindi Films On Supportive Husbands

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

The movie sees Shahrukh Khan (Surinder Suri) and Anushka Sharma(Taani Sahni) in the main role. Shahrukh Khan plays a supportive " target="_blank" rel="noopener">husband in the movie wherein he tries to fulfill the wishes of his wife. To make sure she feels good about participating in a dance competition that is been held locally, he goes out of his way to support her. He pretends to be Raj at the dance institution, so that he can make sure that she has a perfect stud partner for her upcoming participation, besides, fulfilling all her needs.

Ultimately when Taani gets to know the reality of Raj (who is Surinder) her love for him increases manifold. 

Ki and Ka


It is a one of its kind movie about breaking gender stereotypes. It is a story about a businesswoman and a chef husband who loves staying at home and doing household chores. Arjun Kapoor plays the role of Kabir Bansal and Kareena Kapoor Khan plays the role of Kia Sahni. Kia makes it clear to Kabir how her work provides her sanity. Both decide to keep doing what they love even after marriage. Kabir finds a new recognition after one of the interviews of Kia where she mentioned her unconventional marriage. 

Still from Ki and Ka Is Romance All About Sweeping A Woman Off Of Her Feet?

The fame credited to Kabir becomes sore-eye for Kia and she blames him for using her as a shield to build his career. However, she repents later and apologises for being jealous. The 2016 movie written, directed, and produced by R. Balki might not have received wide box office recognition but its storyline did provide an instance of a supportive husband. 

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The classic Indian wedding drama by Sooraj R. Barjatya stars Shahid Kapoor as Prem and Amrita Rao as Poonam. To capture the dynamics of marriage, the story is taken from scratch where Prem's father begins his search for his daughter-in-law. They come to know of Poonam, a middle-class girl from a small place Madhupur and their wedding is finalised. The duo gets to know each other and both are supportive of the ambition that each possessed. A day before the wedding, a fire breaks out and Poonam faces severe burn injuries. 

Family members and the hospital staff think that marriage is not going to happen anyway as the "beauty" of a girl is ruined. But Prem and his family turn out to be supportive of the condition and he decides to marry Poonam before she goes in for surgery. 

Indian women career, joru ka ghulam, tumhari sulu, biwi ka ghulam Women's careers are as important as that of men.

The comedy-drama showcases the life of a middle-class housewife named Sulu (played by Vidya Balan) who wants to make a career as a radio jockey. However, her own family including her sisters are not supportive of her working as RJ, and that too in the night shift. Her husband Ashok played by actor Manav Kaul is initially apprehensive of her work and reluctantly drops her at the office. However, things take a toll when he accuses her of neglecting her domestic duties. 


After seeing her popularity and learning how much she enjoys doing her work, he apologises for his words and tries to mend things with her. He takes pride in being called Sulu's husband and is always there to support her in every decision she makes. 

Ek Villian

The love story of Guru (Siddharth Malhotra) and Aisha (Shraddha Kapoor) takes you through the journey of romance, support, optimism all in one. Aisha is a girl who has her bucket list of things and is hardworking in life. However, she knows she might not survive long to fulfill all her dreams. When Guru falls in love with her, he decides to make all her dreams into reality. They marry and try to live a happy life until Aisha is killed by a murderer.

Even after her death, Guru does not give up and keeps fulfilling all her wishes. The movie by Mohit Suri also casts Riteish Deshmukh, Aamna Sharif in the supporting role. 


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