Here Are Five Must-Watch Films Featuring Malayalam Actor Anu Sithara

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Anu Sithara, who appears majorly in Malayalam films, made her debut as a child artist with the film Pottas Bomb in 2013.

Later, after a few years, she landed her debut role as a female lead in Omar Lulu’s Happy Wedding.

Since then Sithara has been part of movies like Oru Indian Pranayakatha, Anarkali, Campus Diary, Marupadi, and Fukri.  In the year 2015, she made her Tamil acting debut with Veri.

Here some films starring Malayalam actor Anu Sithara:

Ramante Edanthottam

The 2017 romantic drama film revolves around a married couple Elvis and Malini. After the latter meets with an accident his husband discovers about her affair with a man named Raman she met on a vacation. His life turns upside down when he learns about their involvement.

Neeyum Njanum

Directed by A. K. Sajan, the romance drama film stars Sharaf U Dheen, Anu Sithara and Siju Wilson in key roles. During an investigation, Yakub, who is an officer, falls in love with a woman named Hashmi. The couple finds themselves in a difficult situation when Hashmi’s past resurfaces after their marriage.


The biopic is based on the life V. P. Sathyan, former captain of the Indian national football team. In the 2018 release, Anu Sithara essays the role of Anitha Sathyan, wife of the player portrayed by Jayasurya on the screen.


The Malayalam family drama is based on true events. Written and directed by Vyasan K P, the film revolves around the relationship between Mohammad, and Krishnan. The former plans to go on Hajj for which he needs to fulfil some requirements. According to Islam, Hajj is one of the five pillars and who fulfill ‘certain’ conditions must perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime. However, an unexpected turn thwarts Mohammad’s plan.

Aana Alaralodalaral

The film centred around an elephant is a village-based story that also features Vineeth Srinivasan and Anu Sithara in lead roles. The social satire is set in a village named Vaikuntapuram where Hindus and Muslim coexist. After the arrival of the elephant ‘Shekarankutty’ a conflict starts over its ownership. The Hindu brigade is hell-bent that the elephant be donated to the temple while the Muslim community strictly oppose it.