5 Feminist Regional Films That Bollywood Should Remake

Regional filmmakers have attempted to provide the audience with truer and more insightful narratives which we would love to watch in Bollywood movies.

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We often tend to overlook the unconventional regional films which are shadowed by mainstream cinema. Over the years, regional filmmakers have delivered films that gained popularity for their distinctive style and storytelling. It is no surprise that the Hindi cinema industry has adapted and will continue to do so to cater to choices of audience of Hindi cinema.

Over the years, the regional filmmakers have not only presented the audience with huge entertainers but also have given perceptual content through the thought-provoking narrative. They have delved deep into the social constructs to create cinematic artwork that challenges the conventional socio-cultural norms with their unconventional rendering. Such narratives also include feminism as a common trope taken up by various filmmakers. The realistic and truthful depictions of women in the society in feminist regional films do provide an understanding of how the society works which has reached out to the audience.

Here are five feminist regional films that Bollywood should surely remake to present the Hindi audience with an unconventional narrative: 

The Great Indian Kitchen

Directed by Jeo Baby, The Great Indian Kitchen is a 2021 drama-comedy Malayalam film starring Nimisha Sajayan, Suraj Venjaramoodu and T Suresh Babu in prominent roles. The Great Indian Kitchen follows the story of a woman who attempts to defy the social constructs regarding the conventional roles of a housewife. The film was highly acclaimed for its realistic portrayal of a housewife and also received the Kerala State Film Award for Best Film in 2021. Netflix feature Cargo director Arati Kadav is currently working on the Hindi remake of the film.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video



Imago features Marathi actors Aishwarya Sakhuja and Amol Deshmukh in the lead roles. Directed by Karan Chavan, the film revolves around the story of an introverted teen girl with vitiligo. The film attempts to present the complex issue with powerful and truthful inner conflicts faced by the teenage girl as she encounters unwanted gazes and attention due to the white spots on her skin.

Where to watch: Netflix

Feminist Regional Films Still from the movie Imago (Scroll)

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Nude is a Marathi-language directed by Ravi Jadhav. The film revolves around Yamuna (Kalyanee Mulay) who escapes an abusive marriage and reaches Mumbai in an attempt to start a new life. In order to provide for her son's education, she starts working as a nude model at an art college. When the woman is presented with strong protests, she pays no heed and continues to fight to reclaim her rights. The film presents its audience with subtle feminism and a strong thought-provoking message.

Where to watch: Zee5

Bulbul Can Sing

As Bollywood is trying to create more gender-inclusive content now, Bulbul Can Sing may serve this purpose right for the portrayal of the subjectivity in the film. Directed by Rima Das, Bulbul Can Sing is a 2018 Assamese drama film about a schoolgirl who discovers her budding sexuality during her teen years. When the villagers find the schoolgirls exploring their sexualities, they are subjected to the orthodox constructs of the close-minded society.

Where to watch: Netflix, YouTube


Feminist Regional Films Still From Bulbul Can Sing (London Film Festival)

Ghare Baire

The 1984 Bengali film Ghaire Baire is a romantic drama directed by famous filmmaker Satyajit Ray. The film deals with the struggling position of women in the Indian society set during the period of struggle for Indian independence. The film was highly acclaimed with many accolades and international recognition at the Cannes Film Festival.

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