Reels To Spotlight: Nancy Tyagi At Cannes, In Self-Stitched Attires

Nancy, who also graced the Cannes Film Festival Day 6, stunned onlookers with her second-day ensemble, a striking saree of her own creation. Taking to Instagram, the fashion influencer shared insights into her attire.

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Fashion influencer Nancy Tyagi, Image Credit: Nancy Tyagi/ Instagram

Fashion influencer Nancy Tyagi, coming from a modest upbringing in Uttar Pradesh's Baranwa, dazzled at her Cannes debut in a self-designed ball gown. "It wasn't even my dream to reach this far," said Tyagi, reflecting on her first walk down the Cannes red carpet. Her journey from a small town to the glamorous red carpet of Cannes is truly inspirational.


One glance at Nancy Tyagi’s social media, and you’re immediately struck by her innovative fashion sense. Known for her unique take on high fashion, Nancy’s talent for creating stunning outfits is undeniable. Impressively, her Cannes ball gown was also her own creation. The pink ruffled skirt with a train was designed and stitched by Nancy herself, using 1000 metres of fabric and a whole month of dedicated effort.

Nancy Tyagi At Cannes 2024: From Fashion Reels To Fashion Spotlight

Nancy’s story begins in the humble village of Baranwa in the Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. Despite her simple beginnings, she harboured big dreams. After completing Class 12, she moved to Delhi for UPSC coaching. However, life took an unexpected turn when the global pandemic thrust her into the world of content creation. Embracing this new path, Nancy quickly rose to prominence with her unique fashion creations and relatable content.

In an interview with Brut, Nancy proudly showcased her outfit, revealing the immense work and creativity that went into making it. At Cannes, Nancy expressed her gratitude and excitement, saying, "It is my absolute honour to have been invited to the Cannes Film Festival. This is one of the biggest stages for fashion and culture globally. For a girl from the small town of Baranwa in Uttar Pradesh, this is literally a dream come true. Every step of the way, I’ve been driven by a burning desire to make my family proud and to prove that no dream is too big and no obstacle too invincible. I hope to inspire many more girls like me who might think their dreams are too big to be true. Never stop dreaming."

Nancy’s debut at Cannes is more than just a personal achievement; it’s a beacon of hope and inspiration for many young girls from similar backgrounds. Her story demonstrates that, with determination, creativity, and hard work, even the most unlikely dreams can come true.

This achievement comes on the heels of her dual nominations for the National Creators Award 2024, where she was recognised in the 'Disruptor of the Year' and 'Favourite Fashion Heritage Icon of the Year' categories. Additionally, she has been nominated in the 'Creators for Good' category at the Femina Awards.


Nany's self-made saree at Day 2

Nancy, who also graced the Cannes Film Festival Day 6, stunned onlookers with her second-day ensemble, a striking saree of her own creation. Taking to Instagram, the fashion influencer shared insights into her attire, revealing it to be a labour of love entirely crafted by her hands. Adorned with intricate hand embroidery, each detail of the saree showcased Nancy's meticulous skill and dedication.


Sonam Kapoor Praises Tyagi's Cannes Red Carpet Look

Actor Sonam Kapoor is also impressed by Delhi-based fashion influencer’s red carpet look at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. Known for her own iconic Cannes fashion, Kapoor re-shared Nancy's Instagram Reel on her Instagram Stories on May 20, highlighting Nancy's elegant saree. Sonam praised the self-made outfit, calling it the "Best outfit in Cannes," and asked Nancy to design something for her, saying, "Make me something @nancytyagi__."

Pic Courtesy: Sonam Kapoor Instagram

However, there are always a few trolls who can't seem to mind their own business. If they have nothing positive to say, they should just keep quiet, and this sentiment is echoed by Reddit users for them. The trolls criticising her for her interview were harshly rebuked on Reddit.


One user commented, "The Instagram comments are trolling her for her voice. Why can't people just be quiet for once and let the girl enjoy her moment? She's worked really hard, and people are being mean for no reason." Another added, "The comments are truly disheartening. These people might know English, but they don't have even 1% of her talent."

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