10 Uorfi Javed Outfits You Can't Ignore

Urofi Javed entered the Indian fashion scene as a disruptor and never looked back. From innovative dress ideas to controversial statements made through her fashion choices, Javed has been a popular point of discussion across social media. [Image: Uorfi Javed's IG]

Plastic Bottle Petals

Plastic waste co-ord set. [Image: IG]


Uorfi Javed proudly displaying the solar system-inspired frock. [Image: IG]

Dress Like A Snack

Junk plastic wrappers co-ord suit. [Image: IG]


Frock made of black trash bags. [Image: IG]

Blade Dress

"Dress for Introverts," writes Uorfi Javed [Image: Zoom TV]

Bubble Gum Top

Crop-top made of chewing gum. [Image: IG]

Cigarette-Bud bodycon

Road-collected cigarette buds. [Image: IG]

Denim Pant-Styled Top

Wear your denim cutting-the-edge. [Image: Koimoi]


Ripped dress made of sneakers. [Image: IG].

Tree Bark Corset Top

Corset top made of tree peels. [Image: IG].