Meet The Creators Of Enjoy Enjaami, Arivu And Dhee

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Enjoy Enjaami: The duo’s song, with its catchy beat and vibrant video, has nearly 41 million views on YouTube in just over a week.

In just over a week, their song has racked up nearly 41 million views on YouTube. The song is said to be an ode to marginalised communities’ forefathers and mothers and honours their spirit of coexistence with nature. The upbeat song has received praise from a number of celebrities and is being shared widely by netizens.

Here’s what we know about the singers:

Arivu is a rapper from Tamil Nadu. The 27-year-old artist is also a lyricist and a member of the Chennai-based resistance band The Casteless Collective. While Dhee is an Australian-Sri Lankan playback singer. She is the daughter of well-known Tamil musician Santhosh Narayanan. The singer has a number of viral hit songs in Tamil. This is her first music video, though she has previously collaborated with actor Dhanush on songs like Rowdy Baby from Maari 2 (2018).

Enjoy Enjaami isn’t a resentment song, according to musician Arivu. It’s a song about caring and compassion. It’s focused on stories told by a grandmother to her grandson, reminding him to appreciate nature’s gifts and pay respect to their forefathers. Arivu was quoted saying,

“It’s why ‘Enjoy’ is in the title. It means to be festive and celebrate one’s roots. Enjaami is an endearment, a word my grandmother would fondly use to address me. It’s from ‘en saami, literally, ‘my lord’. It’s also a term landless labourers would use to refer to their masters.”

According to sources, Santhosh Narayanan produced Enjoy Enjaami for AR Rahman‘s Maajja label, which was created to support independent musicians. Arivu wrote the song’s lyrics, and the word “Cuckoo Cuckoo” has already stuck in many people’s minds.