Watch: Lilly Singh And Drew Barrymore Groove To Beats Of 90's Bollywood Song

Lilly Singh posted a video featuring Drew Barrymore as they grooved to the 1994 song 'Churake Dil Mera'. What sent the fans over the edge was Barrymore’s perfection with the lyrics as she lip-syncs the last bit of the song before it fades.

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Drew Barrymore Churake Dil Mera Video, Drew Barrymore Groove to Bollywood Song
South Asian comedian Lilly Singh aka Superwoman, who rose to fame with her massively successful YouTube channel and later through her book How To Be Bawse, has surprised people with a sweet video she posted on April 7. The comedian posted a video featuring the popular Hollywood actor Drew Barrymore who was seen grooving to Akshay Kumar’s 1994 song Churake Dil Mera.

Needless to say, South Asian fans are impressed seeing their favourite from the Hollywood groove to the Indian beat.

Drew Barrymore Churake Dil Mera Video 

Singh took to her Instagram on Thursday, April 7, to post a video of herself with Drew Barrymore. In the video, the duo can be seen happily dancing to the beats of the 90s hit song, Churake Dil Mera, which originally featured Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty, on the sets of The Drew Barrymore Show. What sent the fans over the edge was Barrymore’s perfection with the lyrics as she lip-syncs the last bit of the song before it fades. This was the second time the Indian-Canadian comedian was featured on Barrymore’s show.

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Sharing the video, Lilly wrote, “Finally met Drew Barrymore and she legit stole my heart. Also, didn’t she nail this?! Ugh. A queen.” She further wrote, “I had an absolute blast on The Drew Barrymore show today. Fun fact, Drew and I met virtually during the pandemic and instantly became textually active friends, BUT this was our first-time meeting in person. It was magical and real and she can keep my heart forever."

Lilly has always expressed how she was inspired by the Hollywood actor. Last year, the YouTuber also credited Drew for becoming the person she is today while she was a guest on Barrymore’s show. She said that when the actor told her she liked the fact that Lilly was “self-aware and astute to make the kind of call to do a whole new show from the very comfort of your home”.

Reportedly, it was Barrymore’s 1999 film Never Been Kissed that moulded a part of the comedian to become what she is today. Lilly was quoted saying as a younger person when she watched the film. "I think the reason I am so above kindness, against cyberbullying, about just welcoming people in is that when I watched the movie, I actually felt a pit in my stomach because of the portrayal of this character. Your performance has truly made me who I am today," Lilly added.

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