This Week In K-pop World: BTS Jin Acting Debut, Blackpink Sexualised And More

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The all boy k-pop group BTS has been making headlines after their comeback song Butter. Now, there are even reports of one of the members, BTS Jin is being considered for a cinematic venture. On the other hand, two female groups of the South-Korean music industry were subjected to sexual lyrics.

Much like any other weeks, a lot happened in the k-pop universe as GFriend Eunha, who recently left her source music label, is reportedly gearing up for comeback and Mamamoo’s new mini album WAW tops iTunes charts across 21 countries.

Here’s a weekly wrap up of the k-pop world:

Lee Kyung Kyu wants to cast BTS’s Jin

Actor and filmmaker Lee Kyung Kyu expressed that he wants to cast BTS member Jin in a film. In a recent interview, while talking about his next project Kyung kyu said that he listed Kim Seokjin as the “number 1 desired actor-idol”. The k-pop idol is a professional actor and graduated from the famous Konkuk Acting Major.

Blackpink- rapper Namewee controversy

Malaysian rapper Namewee faced huge backlash for sexualising k-pop group Blackpink in his new song You Know Who Is My Father?. On May 28, the artist released a track that involved inappropriate lyrics linked to the South-Korean girl group. The rap song with English, Mandarin Chinese, and Malay lyrics irked the Blinks. However, the rapper claimed that fans misunderstood what the song aims to convey.

Vixx’s Ravi apologises to Red Velvet

In another similar incident, Vixx‘s Ravi released a statement, personally apologizing for his allegedly sexual lyrics about Red Velvet. Previously, in the singer’s solo comeback album Roses, Red Velvet fans alleged that the lyrics sexualises the girl group. In the official statement, the artist said, “Shamefully, while working on this song, I did not realize that many people would find the lyrics uncomfortable”.

BTS’s Butter on Billboard Hot 100

BTS’s latest release Butter has officially made it to the Billboard Hot 100. After battling the world’s biggest artists on the chart this week, the k-pop group secured the first rank. On June 1 chart update, Butter was officially named the no.1 song of the week in the United States. This makes the new track BTS’s fourth no.1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, after their previous chartbusters Dynamite, Life Goes On, and their remix of Jawsh 635 and Jason Derulo’s Savage Love.

PETA raises concern about BTS meal

BTS and food chain McDonald collaborated to curate a meal for the fans of the South-Korean group. PETA claimed that ARMY feels “let down” as the meal includes chicken nuggets and accused BTS of promoting animal cruelty. The organisation shared a picrure of an individual holding a placard and dressed in a BT21 T-shirt, with a sign that read, “This fan was let down. BTS, stop promoting dead chickens”.