Breaking Barriers, Challenging Stereotypes: 5 Empowering Quotes By Swastika Mukherjee

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Swastika Mukherjee is a well-known film and television face. Some of her films include Take One, Shah Jahan Regency, Taasher Ghwar and many more. She has also made a mark in Bollywood with her performance in Detective Byomkesh Bakshy (Anguri) and Dil Bechara (Mrs Basu). Mukherjee has also been praised for acting in Pataal Lok, where she played the role of Dolly Mehra and Black Widows, in which she essayed the character of Jayati. She always makes it a point to focus on the issue of gender equality through her social media posts and also in all her interviews.

Here are some empowering quotes by Swastika Mukherjee which will change your perspective on gender equality.

In an interview with Film Companion, the founder Anupama Chopra asked her, “What are the first moves you would advise women to make in their lives?”

Be happy with your body type, your skin colour, your hair

Mukherjee responded, “First, you should be happy with your body type, your skin colour, your hair. It’s up to you. Long hair puts you into one category, no hair puts you in another. We really need to put our foot down and get over these so-called ideas that are injected in our heads since childhood we get into this habit of thinking that marriage and having kids is a solution to all problems. Even if your marriage is facing difficulties, we hear ‘bachcha ho jaane do, sab theek ho jaayega’. You should only get married and have children when you really want to, because it’s your life. Your parents are not going to be there till you get old.”

On Financial independence

Adding “Women should be aware of investments, banking procedures and everything that is related to finance. I have always failed in Mathematics so I won’t go into details. But financial awareness, I think, is important for a woman. It’s not a man’s thing only.”

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On her Identity As A Mother

In the initial days of her career, Mukherjee was asked to conceal her motherhood because apparently it was important for men to find women “desirable”. This would not be possible if they come to know that she was a mother. Here is what she told PTI about it: “I would tell people that if actresses need that part of the audience which go gaga over you and feel you’re hot, I’d achieve all of that putting it upfront that I’m a mother,”

On Showing vulnerabilities and weaknesses

Talking about a picture of scars on her arm, which were actually signs of self harm, Mukherjee explained, “I don’t think, irrespective of gender, human beings should feel ashamed of falling or failing or ashamed of their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. How can feeling hurt be something that is shameful?”

“Cheers to looking bad.”

When the actress shared a picture of her new hairstyle, a user wrote, “Love your hairstyle but you looking so bad don’t know why maybe bcz of makeup or no filter”. To this the actress replied, “Bad is in. Cheers to looking bad.” Read more about it here.

During the Kolkata edition of the SheThePeople’s Women Writers’ Festival, the noted actress said, “I don’t do roles where we are supposed to constantly be in the denial mode of what the society actually is and what you portray on screen. Because half the times what we see on-screen is far away from reality or what actually happens in our families or around us.”

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Breaking Barriers, Challenging Stereotypes: 5 Empowering Quotes By Swastika Mukherjee
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