Loved Watching Inventing Anna? Here's A Book You Should Check Out

A trip to Morocco left Anna Delvey's friend Rachel DeLoache Williams footing a bill of 62,000 dollars. She later wrote a book about being conned by her "friend".

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Recently, a show on con artist Anna Delvey was released on OTT, sparking a curiosity into life and deeds of the woman in question. Titled Inventing Anna, the fictional show tracks down who Anna is from the lens of a journalist who is investigating the story. The series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and presents Anna as humanely as possible. the show, however, makes sure not to justify Delvey's crimes in the process.

Delvey, also known as Anna Sorokin, moved around New York City allegedly pretending to be a millionaire heiress. In the process, she befriended people from the elite circles of New York City, scamming thousands of dollars off them.

In the show, a woman named Rachel is shown to be close to Anna. She adores her and even accompanies her to Morocco on an extravagant trip. During the trip, Anna's credit card is declined and due to harassment, Rachel decides to give her card to the hotel instead, believing that Anna would pay.

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Seeing the intensity of the situation, Rachel and her friend decide to leave even with Rachel being hesitant about it. Later on in the series, Rachel helps the police capture Anna in Los Angeles after realising that she had been conned by the woman whom she considered to be her friend. It also shows Rachel benefitting from Anna by selling her story to a top magazine and then getting her book out.


The story of Anna Delvey's friendship and its aftermath is actually real. The con artist's friend in real life Rachel DeLoache Williams actually has written a book about her experience and if you loved the show, you should check it out.

Book On Anna Delvey

Rachel DeLoache Williams was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennesse and later graduated from Kenyon College. In 2010, she moved to NYC and got a job at the photo department of Vanity Fair.

Her book, My Friend Anna: The True Story Of A Fake Heiress was published in 2019 and has the account of William's friendship with Delvey. In the book, Williams has written that Anna Delvey invited her to a trip to Morocco, where they stayed at a $7,500 per night private villa.  But as complications rose, she decided to give her credit card with the expectation that Delvey will pay her back. In the end, Williams was left with a bill of $62,000.

Talking about the show, Williams told the Vanity Fair, "This show is playing a fine line--peddling it as a true story, but also saying, 'except all the parts that aren't. At what point is the half-truth more dangerous than the lie?"

The book by Williams was a New York Times Bestseller and one of TIME's 100 best books of the year and aptly captures dynamics like "money, power, greed, and female friendship." This is her first book.


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