Was Jessica Pressler Really Pregnant While Reporting Anna Delvey Story?

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Who is Jessica Pressler: Fans of the Netflix mini-series Inventing Anna have been speculating about various inconsistencies shown in the series including the question of pregnancy of the reporter documenting the story of Anna Delvey. The series stars actor Anna Schlumsky as reporter Vivian Kent, who is the fictionalised character of real-life American journalist Jessica Pressler. Pressler is the real-life reporter who interviewed con-artist Anna ‘Delvey’ Sorokin regarding her fraudulent crimes.

Shonda Rhimes’ Inventing Anna traces the story of German con artist Anna Sorokin, who goes by the name Anna Delvey, as she made her way among the wealthiest of New York city and went on to rob them out of money. The series includes a star cast of Julia Garner as Anna Delvey, Anna Schlumsky as Vivian Kent and Anders Holm as Jack, Vivian’s husband.

Actor Anna Schlumsky’s character Vivian Kent is based on the real-life journalist Jessica Pressler who reported the story of Anna ‘Delvey’ Sorokin in her 2018 New York Magazine article.

Who is Jessica Pressler?

Jessica Pressler is an American journalist and writer who has worked as a staff writer for magazines including New York Magazine, GQ and Elle. Pressler is an ex-staff writer of magazines Philadelphia Weekly and Philadelphia Magazine. She holds a Bachelors degree in English from Temple University Philadelphia and is currently based in Queens, New York.

Was Jessica Pressler really pregnant while reporting Anna Delvey?

One of the most intense scenes of Inventing Anna includes the climax scene when Vivian Kent’s water breaks and she calls for a source, requesting to go on record so that the Delvey story could be published. After she is done, her husband rushes her to the elevator while her colleagues applaud for her in the backdrop.

Reportedly, that is not how the story went down in real life.

Jessica Pressler was indeed pregnant while reporting the Anna Delvey story but she had filed the story as early as being eight-months-pregnant and not while going into labour. Speaking about the inspiration for Schlumksy’s character, Pressler remarked that Vivian Kent is based on many other people including herself. “I think that there are a whole bunch of people’s different experiences embedded in that character,” she said.

According to reports, the finalisation of the Delvey story took place while Pressler was in hospital after delivering her first baby.

Real-life Todd Spodek and his wife are still married

Despite the drama relating to Anna Delvey’s lawyer Todd Spodek and his wife on the show Mags, the real-life Todd Spodek and wife Victoria Spodek are still married.

According to the show, Mags hailed from a wealthy lawyer family and worked at her father’s law firm. She often took her husband to black-tie events where he felt out of place. However, in real life, Todd Spodek comes from a successful law background and serves as the chief of Spodek Law Firm. His wife, Victoria Spodek, also works at her husband’s law firm since eight years. She also works as a Cyber Claims Director at Chubb’s Insurance Company.