Did Vicky Jain Take A Stand Against His Mom's Choice Of Words?

In a recent conversation, Vicky Jain expressed that while he understood his mother's concern towards him, her choice of words towards Ankita was wrong.

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Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande's stint in Bigg Boss Season 17 was fraught with conflicts, particularly exacerbated by comments made by Vicky's mother, Ranjana Jain, directed at her daughter-in-law. Now, Vicky Jain has addressed the situation, acknowledging that his mother's remarks were inappropriate. 


In an interview with E Times, Vicky Jain expressed understanding of his mother's concern for him but admitted that her choice of words towards Ankita was wrong. He attributed her actions to the emotional toll of their journey in Bigg Boss, where she witnessed them facing challenges and pain.

Here’s what he said, "My mother's emotion for me for her son was right, but whatever she told Ankita was not right. Shabdh galat the. There are times when people can't express what they are feeling and they end up choosing the wrong words. Important for me was to understand why she felt that and it was because of our journey in Bigg Boss. She could not speak to us, saw us in problems and pain and that's the reason she was worried."

He added, "I don't support my mom's comments and even she realised that it was not right to speak like that and she should have waited for us to come out."

Vicky Jain's Mother Comments On Ankita Lokhande

During her time in the house, Jain's mother engaged in conversations with contestants and her daughter-in-law, discussing incidents where she felt uncomfortable with Lokhande's behaviour, including instances of her hitting her husband, being close with friends, and mentioning her ex-boyfriend, which she found disrespectful. Post her exit from BB Family Week, she has been extensively giving interviews, each seemingly more sensational than the last, discussing the actor and her son  Vicky. 

In an interview with ABP News, Vicky's mother commented on Ankita while seemingly in a drowsy or half-asleep state. When asked about Ankita frequently mentioning her late ex-boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput on the show, she expressed, "It seems like she's seeking sympathy for herself. What does Sushant care about now? He's departed. He was appreciated for his work and achievements when he was alive."


She further expressed the family's distress upon witnessing Ankita allegedly kicking Vicky, stating, "Hum Bharat mein rehte hain, yahan toh pati ko devta samjha jaata hai. Aur tumhara toh pati sach much devta hai (We reside in India, where husbands are revered as deities. And indeed, your husband is like a deity.)"

In a separate interview with Zoom, the mother-in-law disclosed that they were not supportive of Vicky marrying Ankita. She mentioned, "We weren't in favour of it. Now he is willing to commit to this relationship, and we don't have any involvement in it. Despite observing everything, we're not saying anything. He will come back and improve his household. If he spoiled it, he will rectify it himself. We believe Vicky will handle everything."

Jain's mother made an entry into the Bigg Boss house recently to meet Jain and Lokhande. During their interaction, she mentioned a conversation between Lokhande's mother and Jain's father, where Jain's father expressed concern after witnessing Lokahnde allegedly kicking Vicky during a fight. He questioned Ankita's mother, "Did you also treat your husband in the same manner?" The actor, visibly distressed, requested her mother-in-law not to involve her mother in such matters, especially given her recent loss of her father.


Meanwhile, reacting to these interviews with Lokhande's mother-in-law, Kangana Ranaut expressed her support for Ankita while emphasising the significance of family over a television show. 

In a statement, she mentioned, "The media is actively attempting to disrupt the family. They won't showcase how Ankita Lokhande's mother-in-law is backing her. I appreciate that light-hearted chuckle at the end—adorable, aunty. Reality shows may come and go, but family remains eternal. I hope my friend Ankita Lokhande wins, but not at the expense of her marriage."

Kangana via Instagram Stories.


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