Best Crime Thriller Web Series In 2021 To Binge-Watch

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These are the best crime thriller web series in 2021 must not be missed.  They will keep you on the edge of your seat right up until the very end. You will find them nail-biting, gripping with twisting plots that will keep you watching them until the end. There’s something for everyone, from suspense to crime.

1) Family Man 2

After Season 1 success of Family Man, Season 2 received positive reviews too. Season 2 is also full of surprises and thrills.   Manoj Bajpai’s character Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpai) left TASC to spend more time with his family. He is employed in the private sector. He’s come back for a crucial mission. 

Srikant joins the TASC again.  The thrills and twists begin as a result. Samantha Akkineni does an excellent job as Razi. Season 2 ends on a cliffhanger, implying that a third season is planned. Season 2 of The Family Man is a must-see crime thriller that will keep you hooked.

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The Family Man season 2

2) Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega 

A phishing operation run by a group of young men from Jamtara is profitable until a corrupt political leader wants a piece of the action, and a cop wants to find and stop them. Jamtara is interesting to watch because it depicts the dark world of phishing in India’s backward districts.

Jamtara is a film about a group of young people from the Jharkhand town of Jamtara. Their rapidly expanding criminal network attracts the attention of a major gangster, and the phishing scam that began as a joke quickly escalates into a life-or-death situation. Binge -watch this excellent web series on Netflix

3) Aarya 

In the Indian crime web series list, Aarya is another engrossing web series with twists and turns. Tej and Aarya Sareen are blessed with a wonderful family and a wonderful life. Tej is the owner of a pharmaceutical firm, but he also sells illegal drugs.

On the other hand, Jawahar, Aarya’s brother and friend is a drug smuggler. One day, Tej was shot and killed right in front of Aarya and their son. The journey of Aarya after that is interesting. Season 2 was recently released. It is a must-watch show.

Sushmita Sen Aarya 2, Aarya 2 Sushmita Sen

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4) November Story 

The November Story is the most recent crime thriller from the year 2021.

A gripping murder mystery story. In a murder investigation, Ganeshan, a well-known crime novelist, has been named as a suspect.

Despite this, he has no recollection of the incident due to his Alzheimer’s disease. Her daughter, To take care of his father’s life, Anu (Tamannah) decides to do anything. Anu is a dependable hacker. She’s adamant about proving her father’s innocence. 

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5) Breathe: Into The Shadows Season 2

Breathe: Season 2 is one of the best crime thrillers to watch in 2021. Avinash Sabharwal, a psychiatrist, is played by Abhishek Bachchan, and Abha Sabharwal, Avinash’s wife, is played by Nithya Menon. While at a party, their daughter is kidnapped. The cops have been looking for her for months and have yet to find her.

An arrogant, irritable cop named Kabir Sawant is on the hunt for a serial killer with multiple personalities. There are many twists and turns in the plot that will keep you interested.

6) Special Ops

Special OPS is a suspenseful web series with a lot of action. Himmat Singh (K. K. Menon), a RAW agent, believes in the existence of a sixth terrorist at the time of the Parliament Attacks in 2001. As a result, he’s curious about the person’s current location. Auditors question Himmat Singh about accounting irregularities in his department.

On the other hand, he sent a secret task force to various countries in search of the sixth individual, which included Farooq Ali, Ruhani, Bala, Avinash, and Juhi. Every episode contains suspense, action, and a twist. In addition, Mumbai is showing signs of impending danger. It is the crime thriller web series that should definitely have a mention in this list of series.

7)  Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors – Season 2 

Criminal Justice: Season 2, a legal crime web series keeps you glued to your seats every time you watch it. Anuradha Chandra (Kirti Kulhari) kills her advocate husband, Bikram Chandra. Her daughter was an eyewitness to the murder and was therefore detained.

Even though the case has been closed, lawyer Madhav Mishra (Pankaj Tripathi) is determined to find out the truth. There is a thrilling twist in the series. If Anuradha was the murderer, what would be the motive? This phenomenal Indian web series is a must-watch.

8) Pataal Lok 

Pataal Lok is a crime thriller web series that has gotten a lot of buzz since its release. Politics, corruption, violence, and criminal activity are all depicted in this film. This web series contains a lot of abusive languages. Hathiram Choudary, a police officer, believes in three loks: Swarg Lok, Dharti Lok, and Pataal Lok. The worst is Pataal Lok, which is home to goons, criminals, and murderers.

Sanjeev Mehra is a well-known Indian journalist. He has to deal with trolls and dangers. Hathiram follows up on four leads in the case, three boys and a girl. After that, the investigation begins to reveal some startling facts.

9) Code M 

Code M is another great crime drama thriller web series. Monika Mehra, played by Jennifer Winget, is a brilliant army lawyer. She’s investigating a high-profile meeting. An encounter that resulted in the deaths of two terrorists and an army officer in particular. Her responsibilities took precedence over her personal life.

Furthermore, smuggling, corruption, terrorism, and casteism are all depicted in this series. Madhuri’s ex, Angad Sadhu, is a lawyer. Angad joins her investigation to help her solve the case. On the other hand, the investigation reveals some shocking facts.

10) Undekhi

Undekhi is a crime thriller web series on Sony Liv.  As Papaji, Harsh Chhaya does a fine job in the role of Papaji.   He has only one choice: shoot the person who is bothering him. Justice would not be served to the weaker in the criminal world.

The death of a prime suspect girl occurs at Atwal’s family party. Papaji’s main targets are now that guy and a girl who witnessed the murder. Because the series’ climax is a cliffhanger, implying that a second season will be produced, it is included in the list of thriller Indian web series.

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