5 Australian Shows On Netflix You Can Catch This Week

Australian shows continue to captivate audiences and contribute to the global conversation surrounding television and entertainment. Take a look at five must-watch Australian shows on Netflix.

Aastha Dhillon
08 Jun 2023 Updated On Jul 15, 2023 13:46 IST
Australian Shows on Netflix
Australian shows on Netflix have gained significant popularity in the last few years. The presence of these shows on the streaming platform has allowed audiences worldwide to discover and appreciate the unique storytelling, diverse perspectives, and high-quality production that Australian television has to offer.

These shows have enriched the streaming platform's content library, broadened global perspectives, and provided a platform for Australian talent to shine on the international stage. As a result, Australian shows continue to captivate audiences and contribute to the global conversation surrounding television and entertainment. Take a look at five must-watch Australian shows on Netflix.

These are 5 Australian Shows On Netflix That You Can't Afford To Skip

1. Why Are You Like This


Why Are You Like This is a comedy series that follows the lives of three best friends, Penny, Mia, and Austin, as they navigate the challenges and absurdities of modern life in Melbourne, Australia. The show tackles various topics such as identity, relationships, and activism with a satirical and irreverent approach. Through their often misguided attempts to make a difference, the characters confront social and cultural issues while dealing with their own personal dilemmas.

Mia who is the protagonist is a passionate and outspoken activist, Penny is an anxious and socially awkward introvert, and Austin is a carefree and self-absorbed individual. Together, they tackle the challenges of adulthood, relationships, and the complexities of the modern world.

With its witty dialogue, relatable characters, and unapologetic social commentary, Why Are You Like This offers an entertaining and thought-provoking take on the struggles and absurdities of young adulthood.


2. Sisters

"Sisters" is a drama series that revolves around the lives of four very different women who discover that they are sisters through an online DNA test. The show delves into the complexities of family dynamics, secrets, and the quest for identity.

Julia, Roxy, Edie, and Bec are the four lead characters, each with their own distinct personalities and backgrounds. Julia is a successful lawyer struggling with infertility, Roxy is a rebellious single mother, Edie is an introverted artist with a troubled past, and Bec is a free-spirited musician navigating her career and relationships.


As they navigate their newfound sisterhood, the four women must confront their individual struggles and learn to support each other. "Sisters" explores themes of sisterhood, love, loss, and the power of forgiveness. The series skillfully balances drama and humor, providing a compelling narrative that keeps viewers engaged.

3. Wellmania

Wellmania takes a deep dive into the world of wellness and self-improvement trends in Australia. The show examines various wellness practices, from traditional to alternative, and explores their impact on individuals and society.


Through its exploration of wellness culture, Wellmania raises critical questions about the commodification of self-care, the influence of social media, and the line between genuine health benefits and pseudoscience. The show follows Olivia Healy (Celeste Barber) who fails the medical examination required to get a green card. In order to return to her job in the United States, she started her journey to "get well" so she could get her green card.

wellmania review

The show's informative approach, combined with its visually engaging presentation, offers a thought-provoking and entertaining examination of the wellness landscape in Australia.


4. The InBESTigators

The InBESTigators is an Australian children's comedy-mystery series that follows a group of four clever kids who form a detective agency to solve various puzzling cases in their school and neighbourhood. The show combines humour, critical thinking, and teamwork as the young investigators unravel mysteries and uncover the truth.

The main characters of the ">series are Maudie Miller, a highly observant and logical thinker, Ezra Banks, an expert in technology and gadgets, Ava Andrikides, a charismatic and resourceful leader and Kyle Klimson, a detail-oriented and cautious team member.


The series has gained popularity for its well-written scripts, talented young cast, and positive messages, making it an enjoyable choice for family viewing

5. The Unusual Suspects

The Unusual Suspects is an Australian crime drama series that delves into the thrilling world of heists, deceit, and high-stakes criminal activities. Set in Sydney, the show follows a diverse group of misfit criminals who find themselves reluctantly working together to pull off audacious and complex robberies.

The team consists of charismatic mastermind "Mouse" McCormack, skilled hacker and strategist Rhys, safecracker and con artist Kane, talented thief and escape artist Nina, and Danny, a getaway driver with a mysterious past. As they navigate the dangerous criminal underworld, the team must confront their own personal demons and learn to trust each other in order to survive.

The series combines action, suspense, and intricate plot twists to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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