Amid Sexual Chats Scandal, Armie Hammer’s Ex Shares Details Of Her ‘Bad Experience’

Armie Hammer Paige Lorenze

Hollywood star Armie Hammer’s ex Paige Lorenze, an Instagram model, has opened up on her brief relationship with the actor last year. This comes in the middle of Hammer’s controversy over alleged sexual chats that leaked revealing his sexual fantasies and cannibalism.

Paige Lorenze posted a tearful new video on YouTube. In the video, she is seen telling her followers about her moving to Los Angeles and the reason she did so.

Without naming Hammer, the model said that after her breakup she started dating a new guy. She said that she instantly got into a relationship with someone because she was super vulnerable, super heartbroken, and just wanted someone to distract her. Before choking up, she said, “I ended up seeing someone and it was the strangest… and that’s a whole other thing that I don’t want to talk about right now. This is really hard to talk about”.

Lorenze said that the whole thing is hard for her to talk about. She revealed that she was not in a good place and allowed a lot of things to happen that she wasn’t okay with. L.A. was not a good experience for her and she numbed herself.

According to her, part of the reason for leaving town is because of the traumatic relationship she had in LA. She said in the video that the experience she had in the relationship affected her experience in L.A. negatively. There were also other things about L.A. which she didn’t want to talk about.

It is still waited to be seen whether she was actually talking about Armie Hammer in the video. Hammer is surely not having a great time as he was recently dropped out of a film with Jennifer Lopez. However, he said that it had nothing to do with the scandal.

Take a look at the video here: