Legal Action Against Person Who Spread Rumours About April Member Naeun

Action against the person who spread rumours about Naeun from all-girl band April: DSP Media, the South Korean entertainment company that manages all-girl K-pop band April announced that it will be taking legal action against the person who spread online rumours against their artist Naeun.

(The image of a different artist was erroneously featured on this story given their common names. It has been correctly updated to reflect April band member Lee Na-eun. We regret the error.)

A comment allegedly made by Naeun, whose real name is Lee Na-eun, is circulating online, in which she tells a friend, “Do you want to get raped by Go Young Wook, too!?!?” Go Young Wook is a South Korean singer who was charged with inappropriately touching minor girls and sexual assault around 2013. He was released in 2015 after which he had to wear a monitor for three years. The case against Wook had shook the K-pop industry and he has since maintained a low profile.

21-year-old Naeun apparently made this comment before her debut as a K-pop artist. DSP Media, and many fans of the band have alleged that the comments were photoshopped to target Naeun. “As of March 2, we have begun a criminal lawsuit against cases involving malicious photoshopping and the spread of baseless, false rumors online affecting our artists. Our artists are currently deeply troubled by the rampant false rumors being spread out of hand,” said a statement released by DSP Media.

It further added that the company that manages April plans on responding to any cases which defame their artists and spread false, malicious content online, with strict legal action. “There will be no settlements or forgiveness whatsoever.”

K-pop band April made its debut in 2015. It consists of six members РNaeun, Yena, Rachel, Chaekyung, Chaewon and Jinsol. These past few weeks, the South Korean entertainment industry is dealing with multiple allegations of bullying against singers and actors. Allegations against Naeun are just one of the many such online reports that have rocked the industry. Read more about it here.

Image Credit: Soompi