5 Animated Movies That Promote Women Empowerment

Animated Movies On Women Empowerment
In today’s technological environment, the animation plays a significant role. Animated films are more popular lately. because it draws people of all ages. They can be really humorous and emotional too.

Everyone enjoys animated films, but especially kids. Women’s issues are something parents find difficult to introduce to children. Animated films are more likely to draw children and instruct them in moral values. The lessons from the stories are easily understood by them. So it makes sense to introduce them to challenging concepts through animated movies.

Animated Movies On Women Empowerment


In this film, a girl wants to start a business, but her parents pressure her to work in manufacturing instead because they don’t support her. She then made the decision to launch her own business. She never let her lack of experience get in the way. Definitely, a fascinating and motivational story to watch


It’s a short tale recounted from the viewpoint of Mehr, a young boy of six. She and her 14-year-old sister Pari share the dream of becoming pilots; they enjoy reading Amelia Earhart biographies and playing with paper aircraft that they toss from the roof. The mother, father, two sisters, and one brother all gather one day as a family. The father gives Pari a magnificent slipper. It will be quite inspiring to watch.

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If Anything Happens I Love You

It is a short American 2D animated film that Will McCormack and Michael Govier wrote, produced, and directed.  The shadow of the daughter draws the real parents together as their shadows drift apart, causing them to remember the happy times they shared with their daughter while she was still alive. The daughter’s shadow transforms into a dazzling light between the shadows of her heartbroken parents as the parents embrace the present.

Miles To Fly

A graduation film called Follow your Dreams – Miles to Fly was created by four students from Malaysia’s Multimedia University and will be published in 2020. The protagonist of the narrative is an aspirational young man who must decide between helping his mother’s bakery succeed and pursuing his ambition of becoming a pilot.


Muskaan is hardly an outlier in this sense given how fascinating and profoundly impacting animation is as a medium. Within only 20 minutes, this movie skillfully conveys a message that will leave you thinking deeply. As a project of the Directorate of Women and Child Development, Himachal Pradesh, it premiered on March 8, 2017, in Shimla, under the direction of Avinash Medhe, one of the founders of Girgit Studios.