Alia Bhatt Opens Up On Shooting 'Tum Kya Mile' Post Pregnancy

In the vlog, she also shares her personal journey of returning to the physical shape of her character, Rani, after giving birth to her daughter, Raha.

Priya Prakash
Jul 11, 2023 15:44 IST
Tum Kya Mile Alia Bhatt song

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Alia Bhatt treats fans to a behind-the-scenes glimpse of filming the romantic song Tum Kya Mile in Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani. The actor shares a song vlog showcasing the making of the track in the Karan Johar film.

The vlog captures Alia Bhatt braving freezing temperatures while filming Tum Kya Mile as snow falls around the set. Bhatt then offers a glimpse of the breathtaking snow-covered valley where the song was filmed, emphasising the glamour of filmmaking and song-making.

Alia Bhatt's Tum Kya Mile BTS Vlog

In the vlog, she also shares her journey of returning to the physical shape of her character, Rani, after giving birth to her daughter, Raha. Bhatt reveals that she had four months to prepare for the role, with a dedicated workout regimen starting six weeks after childbirth. Despite the limited time frame, the focus was on ensuring safe and gradual progress toward their ambitious fitness goals. She says, “We had a very large goal to reach but we had to do it safely.”


In the vlog, Karan Johar acknowledges the challenges faced by actors while shooting in extreme weather conditions. He apologises to Alia Bhatt for making her shoot in a chiffon saree for the song, recognising the difficulty of maintaining a romantic and sensuous appearance in sub-zero temperatures. Johar then shares his first experience of shooting a song in a chiffon saree amidst snow-clad mountains after 17 years, recalling the song Tumhi Dekho Na from Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.

Towards the end of the video, Bhatt reveals that several people, including Karan and Manish Malhotra, fell ill during the filming of Tum Kya Mile. The duo also highlights their favourite sarees in the song, referring to one as a 'cassata' saree due to its vibrant colours.

A few days ago, through her Instagram stories, the actor also shared that shortly after giving birth via C-section, she resumed her professional endeavours, including shooting the song Tum Kya Mile. Notably, she even brought her daughter along to the shoot.

Despite being a busy new mom, Bhatt managed to strike a balance between caring for her daughter, Raha, and her work commitments. In addition, Bhatt opened up about the challenges of returning to work after childbirth, particularly for mothers who need to resume their professional commitments immediately. She spoke about her choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant's efforts to accommodate her nursing schedule during the shoot. Bhatt also expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the support of her mother and sister, who took care of baby Raha while she was away for work.

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