Are Alia Bhatt's Career Plans Akin To Priyanka's? Here's Her Response

Alia Bhatt said that when considering Heart Of Stone script, she ensured her character didn't merely occupy a "South Asian" slot but actively contributed to and influenced the narrative. 

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Alia Bhatt in Heart Of Stone
Alia Bhatt is poised to mark her entry into Hollywood with the forthcoming espionage action movie Heart of Stone on Netflix.

Heart of Stone, an international spy thriller featuring Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan, makes its global premiere on Netflix this Friday. Bhatt takes on the role of Keya Dhawan, a tech genius, a character that holds significant importance within the intricate storyline. 

Moreover, having enjoyed significant fame in the Hindi film industry for more than ten years, she harboured a desire to venture into English-language cinema. However, the actor revealed that previous attempts hadn't met with success. Later, an opportunity arose when news of a fresh action franchise, featured and produced by Gal Gadot, reached her. Within merely a week of perusing the script, the agreement was finalised.

In a June interview with The Associated Press, Bhatt expressed, "Your first film chooses you." She further elaborated that Heart of Stone serves as her first English-language film, emphasising that the project came her way and that she's delighted that it did.

Bhatt On Doing Supporting Role:

Although having been accustomed to leading roles in India, Bhatt embraces the opportunity to delve into a supporting role with substance. On that, the actor said that when considering the script, she ensured her character didn't merely occupy a "South Asian" slot but actively contributed to and influenced the narrative. 

She stated that if the story remains intact even with the character's absence, then the character lacks significance. Notably, Bhatt was particularly thrilled to be in a secondary role under a female producer. Director Tom Harper acknowledged Bhatt as a "formidable talent" and highlighted the Keya-Rachel Stone dynamic as the most intriguing aspect of the film.


Are Alia Bhatt's Career Plans Akin To Priyanka Chopra's?

In contrast to Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Alia Bhatt does not harbour extensive plans for her Hollywood career, and she doesn't envision relocating to the United States. While she admires Priyanka's bold and groundbreaking path in Hollywood, Bhatt views Chopra as an inspiration for Indian girls aspiring to become global icons. However, Bhatt herself intends to maintain her focus on Indian cinema, seeking occasional exceptional international opportunities alongside her continued work in India.

She added, "I'm still uncertain about my path; this film stands on its own, and I'll gauge the direction I take based on how it unfolds."

The Heart Of Stone is releasing on Netflix this Friday.

Watch the trailer here.


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