Who Is Actor Miranda Cosgrove And Where Have You Seen Her Before?

Miranda Cosgrove has been a popular name among the kids of the early 2000s. From being a Nickelodeon kid to starring in movies and being a voiceover artist.

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Netflix's recent release, "Mother of the Bride," has sparked significant excitement among internet users, who were pleasantly surprised to spot a familiar face from their childhood: Miranda Cosgrove. The actress, known for her roles in popular sitcoms on Nickelodeon and Disney during her teenage years, has enjoyed a prosperous career. Beyond her acting prowess, Cosgrove has ventured into the world of music, achieving remarkable success.


From Burger King Commercials to iCarly Show

Cosgrove  was spotted at a young age, according to IMDb, with no auditions. One day, she was singing and dancing around her table in a restaurant, which drew attention. Many people ignore children in situations like this, but an agency present recognised her and signed her. This was the beginning of her career as a child, and she went on to work in advertisements for major brands such as Burger King and McDonald's.

It was later that, while auditioning for several other roles and commercials, she was cast as the band's manager in the film 'School of Rock', which marked her film debut. While she auditioned and filmed the pilot for Drake & Josh, she was subsequently notified that it had been picked up and the programme would continue. She appeared as Drake and Josh's younger sister while making small appearances in some other Nickelodeon and Disney sitcoms. But it was her prime show, iCarly, that brought her into the limelight as the main character, Carly. 

Miranda Cosgrove as a record-breaking Singer

Miranda's singing career took a rising trajectory when she released her music debut album 'Sparks Fly' in 2010 and reached number 8 on the Billboard 200 chart. She was also named the MTV Pop Rookie of 2009. As her singing career progressed, she experimented in a variety of voice-over gigs, including the critically acclaimed Despicable Me movie from 2010. In 2009, she landed her first non-Nickelodeon role in the CBS courtroom drama 'The Good Wife.' 

Recently, Miranda Cosgrove also made headlines for separate reasons. She spoke about a stalking incident owing to the success of the series Baby Reindeer. Miranda mentioned how she still feels scared about a stalking incident that occurred a decade ago, she also said that is the "reason why I back and forth to my parent's house so much." This sparked a debate on how stalking continues to be a concern for artists and celebrities, wreaking havoc on their personal lives while also worsening their mental and emotional distress.

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