Wife Allows To Work: Abhishek Reveals Not Doing 'Heavy Lifting' At Home

Abhishek added that his wife takes care of everything at home and 'allows' him to work, emphasising that he doesn't “handle the heavy lifting” when it comes to parenting; his wife manages it all

Priya Prakash
Sep 13, 2023 13:20 IST
Abhishek to a Troll on His Marriage
Just as Kareena Kapoor recently shared some valuable parenting experiences, now it's her first co-star Abhishek Bachchan's turn to offer some parenting tips as they navigate the challenges of raising a teenager. However, his candid remarks about his role in parenting have sparked a discussion about traditional gender roles and parenting responsibilities within couples.

Abhishek Bachchan, now the father of a teenager, is preparing for his daughter Aaradhya Bachchan's 13th birthday in November. During an exclusive interview with the Hindustan Times, the actor was questioned about his parenting advice for handling rebellious teenagers.

On Raising Teenage Daughter:

The actor said, "I do not think the new generation has a sense of hierarchy. That was something we were brought up with. They are inquisitive… they are like ‘Why? Why should I just listen to you because you are my mother?’ They are far more informed, they are born into this era of information and technology. (So my advice is just) answer their questions."


While he was sharing his detailed insights into why one shouldn't try to manage rebellious behaviour, he also mentioned that he isn't the primary carer at home when it comes to parenting. He acknowledged that his wife, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, takes on that responsibility, enabling him to focus on his work.

Abhishek Reveals Not Doing 'Heavy Lifting' At Home

He then added that his wife takes care of everything at home and 'allows' him to work, saying "She allows me to go and do my work." He emphasised that he doesn't “handle the heavy lifting” when it comes to parenting; his wife manages it all.


The actor framed it as his wife "allowing" him to work when, in a different context, a woman says that her male partner "allows" her to work. Wouldn't it cast the husband or their mutual relationship in a negative light? Why 'she allows' and not 'she supports'? The choice of words, such as "allows," can indeed influence how a statement is perceived. Instead of saying "she allows me to work," phrasing it as "she supports or we support each other in our respective careers" would reflect a more equitable and collaborative approach.

Moreover, many people might perceive Bachchan's statement as reflecting traditional gender roles, this could lead to criticism of his apparent lack of involvement in domestic responsibilities, where the wife is expected to manage parenting while the husband prioritises his career.

Though there is a shift towards a more equitable distribution of household chores and childcare responsibilities in many modern households, the decision ultimately depends on individual preferences, circumstances, and mutual agreement between partners.


Not long ago, Saif Ali Khan openly shared his approach to taking care of their sons when Kareena Kapoor Khan was busy shooting in London. He revealed how he diligently looks after the sons while she is away. Furthermore, when Kapoor resumed work just four months after giving birth to Taimur Ali Khan for her film, Veere Di Wedding, she acknowledged Khan as the primary carer for their newborn. In Bachchan's words, Khan was the one doing the "heavy lifting" at home while Kapoor focused on her work outside.

Indeed, Bachchan's statement goes beyond traditional gender roles, it's important to note that parenting and household responsibilities can vary greatly based on individual circumstances, personal choices, and cultural norms. As long as both partners are content with their roles and responsibilities and there is mutual respect and support, there is no inherent issue with one partner taking on a larger share of the responsibilities in one area while the other focuses on their career.

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