7 Things To Know About Egyptian Webseries Abla Fahita: Drama Queen

Abla Fahita: Drama Queen is an upcoming series on Netflix starring the satirical Egyptian puppet Abla Fahita. Fahita will have to go on a journey to redeem herself and reunite her family.

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Abla Fahita trailer: Abla Fahita is an Egyptian puppet character that made her debut on YouTube in 2010. She was featured in Al Bernameg, an Egyptian news satire program hosted by Bassem Youssef.

In 2014, the TV show Abla Fahita Live from the Duplex began airing on the CBC channel. Fahita is the highest-paid female presenter in the Middle East. The Abla Fahita: Drama Queen series will be airing on March 15, 2021. The official trailer for the same was released on March 1, 2021.

7 Things To Know About Abla Fahita: Drama Queen

  1. Abla Fahita will be a six-episode series that revolves around the adventures of the titular character.
  2. The series stars Bassem Samra, Donia Maher, and Zeina Mansour, with Fahita credited as a creator and writer.
  3. The only puppet characters are Abla Fahita and her children, Caro and Boudi.
  4. The plot of the show revolves around Fahita being falsely incriminated and forced to separate from her children. Fahita will attempt to redeem herself in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of her children.
  5. The Netflix series will be Fahita’s first-ever drama and her ‘human side’ will be explored.
  6. The action-packed comedy-adventure is directed by Khaled Marei. It is being produced by OKWRD Productions in cooperation with ASAP Productions.
  7. It will be the second Egyptian series to be streamed on Netflix, following the series Paranormal.
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