Drama Queen: Official Trailer Of Web-Series Abla Fahita Released

Abla Fahita trailer ,Abla Fahita ,Egyptian Satirical Puppet Abla Fahita
Abla Fahita: Netflix is soon going to release a series based on an Egyptian satirical puppet named Abla Fahita, the trailer of the show released on Monday.

Abla Fahita: Drama Queen will be available to stream worldwide on March 15, 2021, on Netflix. While releasing the trailer, Netflix gave a sneak peek of the show narrative. According to which, Abla Fahita is a “widow with a plan”.

In the trailer, the puppet Fahita has been separated from her children when she tries to get away from the ones trying to harm her. She enjoys the limelight like any other star performing on the stage and is left to deal with the downside of public life. The trailer opens with Abla Fahita stripping down in front of the audience which makes them scandalised. The only puppet characters in the web series are Fahita herself and her two children.

While being hunted down by goons and powerful criminals, she finds refuge among women who try to help and lift her spirits. She is also misunderstood by her kids who think that their mother only loves herself. How Netflix ends up portraying the iconic Egyptian character will be seen properly when the series drops later in March.

Abla Fahita first appeared in an Egyptian show named Al Bernameg in 2010. The cast in the Netflix series includes Donia Maher, Bassem Samra and Omama Abdalla. Khaled Marei has directed the series while the script has been written by Muhammad Al-Gamal, George Azmy, Sarah Murad, Mahmoud Ezzat Dina Maher.

Check out the trailer here: